Engaging Insights

The Business Insight organizes frequent round table discussions and events, gathering key stakeholders to tackle pressing matters. We not only attend but also collaborate with chosen organizers of industry conferences to present you with premier networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities. 

APLA Sustainability Meeting

3 September 2023, Santiago, Chile

This upcoming meeting, organized by APLA, is set to feature a comprehensive agenda. It will encompass discussions on a wide array of topics including the projects and obstacles within the petrochemical sector in Latin America, sustainable advancements, and the integration of renewable energies, among others.

World Petroleum Congress

17- 21 September 2023, Calgary, Canada

The 24th iteration of the World Petroleum Congress will serve as a vital link between the conventional energy sector and a progressively carbon-neutral industry in the coming twenty-five years. In Calgary, numerous significant dialogues will take place, shaping pragmatic and feasible routes toward achieving a net zero future.

Mining Chile and Latin America

4-5 October 2023, Santiago, Chile

 At this event, key industry players have the opportunity to exchange ideas, showcase innovations, and discuss the latest trends that are shaping the mining landscape. Regulatory authorities and government officials contribute their perspectives on policies and initiatives that impact the mining industry’s development and sustainability.

AirShow China

12-17 November 2024, Zhuhai, China

Also known as the China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition, it stands as the exclusive international aerospace trade exhibition endorsed by the Chinese central government and by the nation’s aerospace sectors. It encompasses live product showcases, trade discussions, technological exchanges, and captivating flight displays.

International Mining and Resources Conference

31 Oct- 2 Nov 2023, Syndney, Australia

IMARC serves as a global platform where mining leaders collaborate to explore trends in mining, investment, and innovation, all geared towards fostering a sustainable future. This event is an avenue for meaningful engagement, knowledge exchange, and valuable connections within the mining and resources sector.


27-28 Novemver 2023, Austria

The Congress assembles key players across the oil and gas spectrum, including majors, contractors, operators, and manufacturers. The program covers: energy efficiency, midstream’s digital pipeline, upstream’s asset integrity tools, downstream’s operational digitalization, accelerating transformation through collaboration, digital turnaround management, and startup project insights.

Resourcing Tomorrow

28-30 Novemver 2023, London, United Kingdom

As the premier mining and energy event in Europe, specifically tailored to address global sustainability objectives, it unites over 2000 prominent figures from diverse spheres: mining and energy enterprises, investors, brokers, exchanges, educators, government representatives, regulators, suppliers, and operators.


5-8 February 2024, Cape Town, South Africa

Thriving for more than 28 years, Mining Indaba offers an evolving and distinct outlook on the African mining sector. Drawing in a growing array of junior, mid-tier, and major mining companies, alongside an increased investor presence, the event consistently hosts the largest assembly of mining Ministers in Africa.


12 February 2024, Cairo, Egypt

Conducted with the esteemed endorsement and involvement of His Excellency Abdel Fattah El Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Egypt Energy Show takes center stage as a vital hub within the dynamic and rapidly expanding energy discourse. This prominent event gathers over 35,000 energy stakeholders hailing from the diverse facets of the energy value chain.

Mines and Money Americas

22-23 February 2024, Miami, USA

Mines and Money Americas is harnessing globally acclaimed expertise and collaborating with industry giants to bridge the gap between miners and investors.  Eminent CEOs from 93 mining firms, alongside investors, financial institutions, brokers, tech enterprises, and consultants, came together to partake in the event’s success.

The Future Show Africa

18-20 March 2024, Johannesburg, South Africa

This event stands as the most significant renewable energy exhibition in Africa, dedicated to showcasing cutting-edge technologies that spearhead the shift towards a more sustainable, intelligent, innovative and decentralized energy framework fostering collaborations and driving the progression towards a sustainable energy future.

International Real Estate Expo 

19-20 April 2024, Mumbai, India

Functioning as an innovative convergence point, IREX facilitates direct interactions between international real estate developers and individuals as well as corporate investors, real estate agents, property marketing firms, and professionals hailing from countries such as the USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Portugal, Greece, Malaysia, and more.

India International Education Expo

25-27 April 2024, Uttar Pradesh, India

This event delve into and engage with prominent educational institutions from around the world. With a congregation of over 200 esteemed brands, attendees can explore a diverse array of educational programs, interact with counselors and mentors, and receive guidance for building a robust career.

The Oman Petroleum& Energy Show

28 April 2024, Muscat, Oman

Held under the esteemed patronage of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MoEM), OPES establishes an efficacious arena for business interactions and networking. It emerges as a pivotal convergence point for energy professionals, oil and gas enterprises, influential policymakers, decision-makers, and relevant stakeholders.

Oman Design & Build Week

29 April 2024, Muscat, Oman

This event stands as the premier B2B exhibition and conference in the Sultanate of Oman, specifically tailored for the building construction, design, and real estate sector. It creates a conducive environment for meaningful connections, enabling fruitful business transactions and fostering the exchange of industry insights.

ILA Berlin Air Show

5-9 June 2024, Berlin, Germany

Distinguished by the theme #PioneeringAerospace, industry leaders, policymakers, armed forces, and academia converge to deliberate on contemporary prospects and challenges. Exhibitors hailing from across the globe unveil their freshest advancements, inventive solutions, and research initiatives centered on the pivotal themes of Innovation, New Technologies, and Sustainability.

Farnborough Airshow

22-26 July 2024, Farnborough, United Kingdom

This airshow ranks as one of the foremost global aviation exhibitions, distinguished for its extensive exhibitor presence. In the year 2022, the airshow accommodated a vast assembly of over 1,500 exhibitors hailing from various corners of the world, drawing more than 80,000 trade attendees. and attracting an impressive crowd of over 200,000 spectators.


15 October 2024, Mississauga, Canada

This event serves as a platform that unites industry experts, fostering valuable networking opportunities and the exchange of insights among peers. It caters to individuals keen on delving into the realm of property investment and real estate such as investors, agents, financial institutions, landlords, property developers, entrepreneurs, and others. 

The Luxury Property Show

8 December 2024, Shanghai, China

LPS Shanghai stands as the premier luxury real estate exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. Set to take place at the esteemed Shanghai Exhibition Center, this event will host more than 140 distinguished luxury real estate firms. It will showcase properties from countries such as: UAE, Canada, France,  Spain, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Singapore, UK …