Alinso entered Romania over a decade ago during a pivotal period. How has this journey unfolded, and what’s ahead for PWP Bucharest North Business Park and your future plans?

As part of a larger investment group, we ventured into Romania just before the financial crisis in 2008. Acquiring over 300 ha of land, with more than 200 ha developed, our project includes various zones from logistics to SME-focused areas. Adaptability is crucial. We maintain close collaboration with clients during building design to ensure alignment with their needs.

Why Ploiesti specifically? What distinct attributes drew your attention to the area?

Ploiesti’s proximity to Bucharest, strong infrastructure, and access to a sizable market—around 4 million within the wider Bucharest metropolitan area—make it an ideal location. The city’s diverse industrial presence, from oil & gas to manufacturing, alongside a talented workforce from the local university, solidified its appeal.

Belgium and Romania seem culturally compatible. What aspects attracted you to continuously invest in Romania, and could you hint at your upcoming project?

The cultural resonance between Belgium and Romania aligned well, showcasing locals’ strong work ethic and a balanced “work hard, play hard” approach. Observing Romania’s often underestimated business potential firsthand, we’ve committed to unveiling a new project soon, building on our continued investment here.

Amid the pandemic, how has COVID-19 affected PWP Bucharest North’s operations, and have tenant demands shifted noticeably?

Interestingly, logistics and tech sectors surged during the pandemic, while most others remained stable. Infrastructure challenges persist, but the country’s substantial population and growing entrepreneurial landscape sustain the industrial demand. Romania’s position as the second-largest domestic market in CEE ensures a continued upward trajectory for industrial sectors.

Despite the turbulence in the office segment, you seem invested. What’s your take on this, and how are you approaching opportunities in this domain?

While remote work has shifted dynamics, the need for collaborative office spaces remains essential. The future office space must accommodate distancing measures, sparking a need for refurbishment. We’re eyeing mixed-use space opportunities, aligning with evolving office demands.

Looking ahead, what are your primary priorities for the next two to three years?

Our commitment to Romania remains steadfast. Recruitment of qualified individuals tops our priority list, matching our ambition. We’re enthusiastic about the upcoming project launch, focusing on mixed-use initiatives and expanding our industrial footprint. The vast potential in Romania encourages other foreign investors to explore opportunities here.

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