What’s the outlook for public sector projects?

Looking ahead, our concern revolves around funding for public sector projects. Toll revenues for agencies funding these projects have decreased. Though some construction temporarily halted in the second half of 2020, the good news is it resumed. As we assess this year’s budget, there are lingering worries, but we’re cautiously optimistic. Clients in the public sector are adopting a similar approach. With vaccine rollouts and people returning to work, we anticipate a resurgence in demand in the latter part of the year.

How is Philadelphia tackling sustainability and resilience?

In engineering projects, our aim is durability for 50 years or more, always emphasizing sustainability and resilience. These have become pervasive terms across various industries. Clients seek sustainable and resilient development. We offer a cost-benefit analysis of construction options, enabling them to make financial decisions aligned with their project needs. Resilience requirements vary; for instance, Miami’s resilience differs from Philadelphia’s.

What’s happening with redevelopment in Philadelphia?

The city is witnessing significant redevelopment, with entire blocks torn down for new housing in my former neighborhood. Philadelphia is enhancing infrastructure, transportation, bikeways, roads, and utility systems. Investors are keen on revitalizing sites within the city, where real estate remains reasonably priced compared to other urban areas.

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