What’s the current state of residential demand in the Greater Philadelphia region?

Multifamily housing is thriving right now. We’ve got a robust pipeline of projects extending until 2024, and we’re actively engaged in preconstruction services for many of these developments. Some exciting trends are shaping the multifamily sector. There’s a noticeable surge in co-working spaces as businesses realize the efficiency of remote work for their staff, leading to a significant shift in amenities offered in multifamily housing.

How has the pandemic impacted the retail landscape?

Retail is undergoing substantial transformation. While some retail projects have paused, others are moving forward with alterations. Store layouts are changing, emphasizing more cash registers to reduce queues and facilitate social distancing. We’ve witnessed a downsizing trend in retail, with some projects reducing space by as much as 40%. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of e-commerce, prompting retail owners to rethink strategies to adapt to the current and future landscape.

What’s driving the implementation of the design-build approach among developers?

Especially in our multifamily projects, there’s a strong emphasis on design-build. Developers are recognizing the value of involving general contractors early in the process instead of the traditional competitive bid scenario. Early collaboration with architects and engineers enhances project success, enabling developers to better realize their vision for the development.

How’s the demand for office space in different areas?

In certain markets like Bucks County, there’s still a high demand for new or updated office spaces. However, in Philadelphia’s downtown area, the demand for office space has significantly decreased. It’s quite robust in Bucks County but notably quiet in Reading.

What’s the future outlook for D&B Construction Group?

We’re witnessing rapid growth as one of the fastest-expanding businesses in Greater Philadelphia. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we’re tripling our space and expanding our operations. It’s worth mentioning that we were honored as the best place to work in Pennsylvania by the Central Penn Business Journal.

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