How does Costa Houses Luxury Villas S.L. set itself apart from other real estate agencies in the region?

We’re a dynamic team continually refining our skills to adapt to market shifts and technological advancements. Our distinct approach to modern marketing, ensuring consistent content across platforms and social media, sets us apart.

How does Costa Houses cater to individual client needs and customize services?

Listening is key. We ensure our property selections align with each client’s criteria. We tailor services according to unique requirements—be it involving surveyors, recommending banks, or providing construction solutions. Consistent support from one team member throughout the process enhances the personalized experience.

Could you highlight additional support provided to foreign buyers?

For foreign clients, we assist with diverse challenges: language barriers, legalities, property management, and connections to professionals like lawyers, accountants, builders, etc. From purchase assistance to after-sales services, we offer comprehensive support.

How does Costa Houses address language barriers for clients?

Our multilingual team ensures effective communication. Additionally, we collaborate with interpreters or translators when necessary.

Your involvement in the Granadella project is impressive. How do you identify such opportunities?

Our selection process emphasizes prime locations with sea views and ideal orientations. Flexible interior volumes and layout possibilities rank high. We’re focused on client preferences, especially south-facing properties, vital for clients from northern regions.

How does Costa Houses stay updated with market trends and customer preferences?

We engage in extensive market research through online resources, social media, consultations with industry professionals, and participation in real estate associations and training courses.

What sustainability initiatives does Costa Houses incorporate?

We reduce printing, opt for digital formats, and plan efficient routes for viewings to minimize unnecessary travel.

What leadership principles guide Costa Houses’ success?

I encourage continuous improvement among my team, nurturing a learning culture and acknowledging achievements. Team spirit is crucial—we support each other, fostering a motivated and happy work environment.

Could you share a success story that highlights Costa Houses’ dedication to personalized customer experiences?

Our comprehensive services aim to ensure clients have a seamless experience without worries, offering coordinated support from various parties involved in the process.

How does Costa Houses leverage technology for a broader reach and enhanced customer experience?

We invest in digital platforms and online marketing to engage with a wider audience, recognizing the importance of technology in reaching our international client base.

What are the key aspirations for Costa Houses in the coming years?

We aim to grow, continually improve our services, expand our presence, and maintain our commitment to delivering happiness to our clients while exploring possibilities for office expansion in other Spanish regions.

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