Could you tell us about the Great Estate network and the Italian regions it encompasses?

Great Estate, established roughly two decades ago in a revered area of Tuscany, has since expanded its reach across various regions. Starting from Tuscany, the network extended its presence into Umbria, Marche, Sardinia, Piedmont, Apulia, Liguria, and in recent years, it has continued to grow, intending to cover the entire nation within the next four years through collaborations with both new and existing agencies. The properties offered for sale typically embody the Italian lifestyle, featuring second homes that exude character, possess significant cultural resonance, and embrace elements emblematic of Italian living.

Around 80% of clients using your ‘My Agent’ service ultimately make their purchase through your agency. Can you elaborate on the service’s mechanics and its benefits?

The ‘My Agent’ service holds paramount significance for clients seeking seamless real estate transactions in Italy. With a multitude of properties on the market, often inadequately presented and entangled in underlying issues, ‘My Agent’ facilitates a trustworthy relationship between our group and clients. Initially, we engage in understanding the client’s preferences and desired locations, meticulously curating property selections within our database and, at times, in collaboration with other agencies or even per the client’s suggestions. ‘My Agent’ ensures a singular point of reference, offering a deep understanding of client needs and securing the right property at an economically sound price, backed by essential guarantees.

What types of properties are particularly sought after by your clientele?

Our clientele typically seeks farmhouses or country villas, ideally situated near amenities, meticulously restored, equipped with amenities like swimming pools, expansive parks, and boasting breathtaking panoramic views. These properties generally range between 500,000 to 2 million euros, contingent upon factors such as location, size, and finishes. This category represents approximately 70-80% of our incoming requests. Additionally, we cater to clients seeking properties within town historical centers, typically priced below 500,000 euros, barring significant cities like Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice, etc. There’s also a niche segment comprising clients interested in exclusive and prestigious residences, ranging from 2 million to several million euros.

Any notable regions or overlooked areas that prospective buyers should consider? Which nationalities are you noticing showing increased interest currently?

Italy boasts a plethora of enchanting regions, attracting interest from a global audience. The choice of one region over another often hinges on buyer preferences and budget considerations. Buyers from various countries, including the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Northern Europe, Israel, Poland, and more, have demonstrated interest in diverse Italian regions. Lately, there’s been a noticeable surge in inquiries from Poland, reflecting a growing interest in Italian real estate among Polish nationals in recent years.

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