How did Hedrick Brothers Construction navigate the pandemic?

Throughout the pandemic, we had to revamp our operations and set a precedent. Senior management remained present daily, addressing employees’ concerns about the pandemic. A key challenge was managing space in compact construction environments, necessitating strategic planning for worker logistics to project sites. While many companies in various markets faced construction delays, we successfully completed our projects on schedule. Supply chain disruptions were prevalent, exemplified by incidents like the Colonial Pipeline and the Suez Canal blockage. Unemployment benefits from stimulus packages led to labor shortages in factories, contributing to rising material costs. Despite these hurdles, Hedrick Brothers Construction delivered every job punctually and within budget, overcoming each challenge encountered.

How does technology contribute to cost reduction in projects?

Owners seek a smooth transition from design to construction, aiming for accurate cost proposals and market information to save time and expenses. Leveraging preconstruction services streamlines the design process, minimizing the need for revisions. Virtual design and construction, facilitated by Building Information Modeling, enable comprehensive visualization and anticipation of potential issues. This proactive approach allows for smart decision-making early in both the design and construction phases. We’re employing this technology across multiple projects, ensuring a seamless and efficient system.

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