Could you provide a brief introduction to Inoprod and the services it provides to the aerospace industry in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes?

Inoprod is a consulting engineering firm based in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes that specializes in optimizing manufacturing processes and supply chain management for industrial companies. Approximately 20% of our business is focused on the aerospace sector, where we assist clients with creating new manufacturing plants, optimizing existing ones, and securing their CAPEX investments. Using dynamic flow simulation technology and various digital tools, we can create digital twins of manufacturing plants and accurately calculate the interaction between all processes and resources within them.

How advanced are the capabilities of Inoprod’s simulation software?

Our simulation software is highly advanced, thanks to the expertise of our engineering team. We are able to represent the flows of materials and pieces in 2D & 3D and build all the KPIs needed for decision making. With just a few minutes of simulation, we can predict how a plant will operate and its future performance, such as its ODT, for several months of production. This is particularly useful for companies looking to ramp up production and increase their capacity.

How does Inoprod help operators work more safely and efficiently in manufacturing plants?

We assess all work stations within plants and calculate their maximum resource capacity in terms of human resources, energetic power, robots, and other types of machinery. We also simulate the impact of manufacturing machinery on the people operating it to avoid musculoskeletal problems that can arise from labor in manufacturing sites. By simulating the safest and most ergonomic ways for operators to use equipment in a virtual environment and then downloading the settings directly to the equipment, we can reduce human risk and save time in production.

How can Inoprod contribute to the consolidation of the supply chain in the aerospace industry?

We help small and medium-sized companies in aerospace significantly increase their production capacity. For example, we recently worked with a company that produces engine parts for the Airbus A321Neo program and helped them to increase production from less than 100 parts per year to 3000 parts per year. We assessed their site and developed a model for their future operations, which we then helped them to implement. We also work with major companies in the ASD sector, such as the Ariane Group, to help them develop their manufacturing processes for building the new Ariane launcher.

What role is Inoprod playing in the development of Industry 4.0 in the aerospace industry?

As a strategic partner in the implementation of Industry 4.0, we are helping companies across the value chain in the aerospace industry to incorporate digital bricks into their processes. We recently met with Airbus, who confirmed that a robust supply chain and guaranteed delivery times are crucial, and can only be achieved with the integration of digital bricks, which we are best placed to provide. Small companies looking to meet Airbus’ needs can benefit from our expertise and become more competitive in the industry.

What is the future strategy for Inoprod?

We are expanding into the North American aeronautical market, particularly Canada, where the industry is increasingly committed to incorporating Industry 4.0 into their processes. We already have our first customers in Canada, and we expect to attract more quickly. By the end of this year, we hope to establish a subsidiary in Montreal to better serve our customers and provide them with the best possible service.

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