Can you explain the motivation behind your decision to lead your own business focused on clean energy, after having been in charge of the biggest company in the energy sector?

The motivation for this decision was quite simple. As technology advances, and as consumer attitudes change, there is a growing preference for clean energy supplied in a more efficient way. These demands are unlikely to be met by large corporations, as global trends indicate. Our motivation was to create something new, based on an understanding of these trends and a commitment to clean energy.

You mentioned that big corporations may struggle to meet the demands of consumers for clean energy. However, many traditional giants are investing in renewable energy assets. Can you explain this discrepancy?

While there is certainly room for many players in the energy sector, I believe that big state-owned corporations may be slower to adapt to new technologies due to their traditional business models and a lack of incentives to take risks and be creative. Politicians also tend to prioritize other issues over rewarding such behavior. Moving outside of big energy organizations may result in faster progress, but it also involves greater risk and less insurance. Businesses need to identify niches in the market and have confidence in fair regulations.

Do you see a genuine willingness in Poland to move towards green energy, among citizens, companies, and the government?

I believe that we are at a crossroads in Poland. In the next few quarters, the government is expected to propose their vision for the energy sector. Polish citizens, like those in other countries, are becoming more environmentally aware. At the same time, energy prices are rising, and this is being noticed. These two trends may create a demand from consumers for politicians to change the way the industry is managed and regulated.

What do you see as a realistic energy mix for Poland’s future?

I firmly believe that renewables are the future. While gas is necessary in a growing economy like Poland, it is a transition fuel. There are new technologies emerging, such as storage solutions and hydrogen, that offer promising possibilities. Poland wants to be energy independent, yet we still import coal and technology for our new power plants. It is a myth that coal makes us independent, and we need to embrace the new technologies that will help us achieve true energy independence.

As a successful business leader, do you have any advice for new businesses just starting out?

Maximizing profits and delivering products that people want to buy will always be important for businesses. However, it is no longer enough to focus solely on these aspects. Companies must also be responsible and consider sustainability, even if it may not result in immediate profitability. As we move forward, I believe that this aspect will play an increasingly important role in business success.

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