Can you share with us the history of Labormet Due since its establishment in 2012?

Labormet Due is actually the second iteration of a company where my business partner and I used to work. Our previous experience has given us a good foundation and understanding of the market, which helped us serve some of the same clients we worked with before. Our primary customers include the FCA Group, Finmeccanica, and Magneti Marelli, and we supply them with instruments and services for their local plants and laboratories. However, we have diversified our business by providing services to avoid market fluctuations that come with procurement. We are now focused on quality control using computed tomography (CT) technology, which is a new frontier for Labormet Due. Our business is mostly centered on the automotive industry, with the aerospace industry comprising about 10% of our customer base. However, the industries we serve may vary on an annual basis depending on the demand from different industries and companies.

What was the reason behind choosing to distribute certain brands and which brands are the most popular among your customers?

Our customers are aware of the market and the requirements that apply to their technical needs. Each company has specific tools listed on their data sheets, which are coded according to their respective requests. We usually analyze samples from clients and solve their problems. If a company is innovative, they usually approach us to verify if their change in process is accurate and consistent with the physical characteristics of using our instruments.

Could you elaborate on the CT scan service you offer to your clients?

Our tomographic services are provided by GE Measurement and Control’s Phoenix CT system, which is a unique service that we offer exclusively in Italy. Our clients can utilize this service to review the porosity of their products and search for any internal defects, which is a task that would be extremely difficult without our services. Since this system costs around €600,000 and requires skilled manipulation, it is more beneficial for our clients to have us provide the service. We provide interested companies with a trial run to demonstrate the benefits of collaborating with Labormet Due.

What are the benefits of being a member of TPA, and could you talk about the project you are working on with other TPA member companies?

Being a member of TPA has given us the opportunity to collaborate with other companies and create something of a higher quality using more effective methods. Thanks to our unique CT scan service, we have been invited to join a working group with TPA and some of its member companies. This project involves part replication using additive manufacturing, and our services are required at every step to ensure that there are no faults in the products to be cloned.

In your opinion, where is the Italian aerospace industry particularly strong, and what can we expect from this sector in the future?

I believe that the reorganization of Finmeccanica can positively contribute to Italy’s aeronautic sector by providing new opportunities. For Labormet Due, it will positively affect our sales and the implementation of projects in the area of controls. On a technical level, additive manufacturing will provide the sector with new opportunities and enable project optimization, which will also boost the sector.

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