How did VanTrust become involved in the SkyCenter One office building project?

VanTrust established its Florida office in Jacksonville back in 2016, with a strategic focus on expanding its projects into the Tampa area. When we got wind of the airport authority’s request for quotation (RFQ) to construct SkyCenter One, it felt like the perfect opportunity. VanTrust, being a private real estate developer with access to substantial capital, had no doubts about its financial capability to handle the project. Subsequently, VanTrust secured the opportunity, and we’re looking forward to completing construction by June 2021. SkyCenter One will notably serve as one of VanTrust’s regional offices.

What sets SkyCenter One apart is its unique tenant experience, directly linked to the airport via SkyConnect. Employees or visitors at SkyCenter One will have the convenience of crossing the skybridge, checking their luggage, and hopping on the SkyConnect, seamlessly connecting them to the airport terminal. This design aims to streamline traffic flow at the airport drop-off. The building itself will soar to nine stories, encompassing over 270,000 square feet of class-A office space. Notably, it boasts upsized amenities like an innovative fitness center complete with a wellness walking trail, a conference center, an onsite café offering healthy meal options, and a sprawling 15,000-square-foot Atrium rooftop area.

How do you foresee the development of the Tampa Bay office segment post-pandemic?

The post-pandemic scenario has sparked numerous discussions regarding the future of office spaces. Companies across the country are in an introspective phase, evaluating their needs as they emerge from this transformative period. From our perspective, we anticipate a prosperous trajectory for the suburban office market in Florida. This region is poised to attract more companies migrating from the Northeast into suburban markets due to the relatively lower costs in real estate, labor, and taxes. Tampa’s status as an excellent suburban office market over the past two decades is likely to persist for similar reasons that have historically made it an attractive hub.

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