Can you give us a brief introduction to NV Gold?

NV Gold is a mining company that holds around 20 properties in Nevada and one high-grade property in Switzerland. We have a diversified exploration portfolio in Nevada, ranging from near-surface oxides epithermal properties to Carlin-type deposits with leach potentials. Our primary focus is on seven of our highest-priority targets that have excellent discovery potential and are in the immediate neighborhood of active mining operations. All our projects are permitted and 100% owned.

What are the latest updates at the Slumber Project?

We had success with RC drilling earlier in 2022 and identified five new anomalies in the area through mercury vapor work. My priority would be to drill Slumber right now as we need to follow up on increasing gold grades up to 1.5 g/t to the north of the property, as well as testing some of the five Mercury-vapor anomalies, which are all outside the mineralized zone. However, we need to be conservative with our capital since the financial markets are still low.

How promising are the results from the initial drilling program at Sandy in September 2022?

The drilling program at Sandy marks the beginning of a medium-term exploration campaign. We drilled four RC holes at Sandy that successfully tested “a new zone” north of the 2021 drilling campaign. Based on the visual assessment, the rock looks very encouraging, having encountered a new zone of potentially mineralized quartz veining. Some assays are still pending. Another relevant asset is SW Pipe. We plan on a one-hole test, we’ve identified the target, and believe it has excellent potential to be another multi-million-ounce Carlin-type deposit.

Can you provide an update on the Notice of Intent approval at Triple T?

We permitted ten new drill sites at Triple T. We recently got that asset back in our portfolio and want to increase the zone of near-surface oxide gold mineralization that was encountered by Evolving Gold in 2007 and NV Gold in 2009. Budget and market conditions permitting, we will embark on that 10 RC drill campaign to find an economic near-surface oxide deposit. Finding that ore source could allow us to consider a JV with an operating company.

How is NV Gold leveraging new technologies as part of its exploration strategy?

We have an extensive database of exploration data. We recently did an exercise with GoldSpot who ran that data through their AI software that generated an additional 31 targets based on geological data. We ran multiple iterations of the data and found opportunities based on geological samples and minerals indicative of being near a gold deposit. We have a mountain of data that took a long time to digitize, and now it is in a state where we can action it rather than the data just sitting in a warehouse. Without active interpretation and analysis, data does not have any value.

What is your outlook for gold pricing and demand in the medium term?

What is happening in Ukraine, in the UK, and the political situation in the US has led to unprecedented supply chain and inflationary issues. I’m still optimistic about a strong gold price, around US$1800-2000/oz in the coming months or year. For the last 2,000 years, gold has served as a safe-haven currency, and I believe it will come out as the ultimate reserve currency once again.

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