Can you provide us with an overview of the impact that the aerospace industry has had on RTM Breda’s operations?

RTM Breda, a testing laboratory that specializes in metallurgy and was established in Milan in 1917, has a strong history of testing. Since 2006, it has been part of the Forgital Group, which has made significant investments in the aerospace sector over the last decade. With two locations in northern Italy and over 100 employees, RTM Breda serves customers both domestically and internationally. Thanks to growth in the aerospace industry, which currently accounts for 20% of its business, RTM Breda is one of the largest laboratories in Italy. The company is projecting that this will increase to 40% by 2020, and as a result, it has invested heavily in obtaining several approvals and is seeking to expand internationally.

Can you provide a summary of the key services that RTM Breda offers in the aviation segment?

RTM Breda performs material testing following approvals and has an engineering consultancy department that offers finite element analysis and engineering services. Technical expertise is merely the starting point for this type of business. Third-party accreditation and customer approvals are critical, and RTM Breda has more than 50 Nadcap-approved tests, as well as approvals from GE Aviation, Snecma (Safran Group), Pratt&Whitney, and Rolls Royce. It took several years of investment in machinery and staff training to achieve this level of recognition. According to the company, obtaining approvals is the best form of marketing. In the last two years, RTM Breda coordinated a global Creep PTP (Proficiency Testing Program) for GE, and the results were used by GE to approve laboratories worldwide, which was a significant achievement.

What are the advantages of being a member of the Lombardy Aerospace Cluster?

The Lombardy Cluster has enabled RTM Breda to be recognized as a testing facility, but the company’s CEO believes there should be a broader Italian Cluster. He thinks that a regional mindset in Italy is impeding growth, and he is striving to develop international customers. He believes that a stronger image of Italian aerospace companies is necessary.

What trends do you see in the international market?

Eastern Europe is making significant investments in the aerospace industry, and there are promising prospects in countries such as Poland, the Czech Republic, and Turkey, where some of the primes have production activities. The aerospace industry is thriving in the UK and France, but it is challenging to enter these markets. The United States has a plethora of testing laboratories, but there is also a significant demand for testing from the aerospace industry, creating opportunities.

How do you plan to expand in the next few years?

In 2015, RTM Breda generated €11 million in revenue, and the company is performing well. Over the next three to four years, the company aims to achieve €15 million in revenue, primarily through aerospace testing, as well as with its materials and engineering services. The company intends to grow organically, in collaboration with the outsourcing of services and by developing a laboratory within a customer’s organization.

Finally, is there a message that you would like to convey to our readership?

RTM Breda is determined to be a reference point in materials science, from testing to engineering solutions. The aerospace sector is where the company wants to be, and it is investing significant resources to become a major player in the Italian aerospace market, competing against strong US organizations.

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