Over the years, how has Siles Construcciones’ project portfolio evolved, shaping the company’s position in the construction sector in Mallorca?

Our journey has been marked by a diverse portfolio ranging from large residences, luxury homes, to health centers, hotels, and warehouses, establishing us as a leading construction company. Founded by my father-in-law, Pedro Siles Davia, we’ve evolved from a family enterprise into a modern company with cutting-edge technology and management systems. As we enter our third generation, the involvement of my architect sons in the management team maintains our family-oriented ethos, which is highly valued in Mallorca.

What key aspects define the current demand for new construction in Mallorca?

The current trend revolves around seeking excellence and sustainability. Clients demand high quality, adherence to budgets, and timely completion. Our motto “Siles Construcciones. We comply.” emphasizes our commitment to delivering top-notch quality, meeting deadlines, and sticking to budgets. Expectations are growing for superior quality, tighter deadlines, and more sustainable, high-end products.

What advantages does investing in real estate in Mallorca offer to foreign investors?

Mallorca mirrors Europe’s Miami, drawing investors due to accessibility from across the continent and its appealing climate. The island boasts safety, exceptional infrastructure, high-quality services without excessive costs, making it an attractive destination for foreigners.

How do you envision the construction sector further embracing sustainable practices?

The industry is witnessing a surge in sustainability and heightened quality standards. Projects continually surpass predecessors in sustainability, product quality, and improvements. Our protocols focus on continuous enhancements in sustainability and quality, evident in our ISO 14001 certifications emphasizing environmental quality.

What upcoming projects can we anticipate from Siles Construcciones, and what innovative elements will they introduce to the island?

We’ll continue in luxury residential, public works, health centers, and hotels, leveraging our specialized divisions. We’re dedicated to enhancing design, character, and quality. Post-pandemic, people’s needs have shifted; homes with open spaces, outdoor terraces, and shared areas are now essential. Areas like Alcudia, Pollença, and Cala d’Or are gaining traction among foreign buyers due to unique, attractive projects catering to evolving demands for a different lifestyle.

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