Leading Sixense in Romania, could you provide an overview of the company’s presence in the country, including turnover and offered real estate services?

Our Romanian division specializes in structural and geotechnical monitoring, emphasizing digital solutions for civil engineering and infrastructure projects. We employ multidisciplinary teams and utilize advanced digital tools to identify and mitigate risks affecting a structure’s stability. Our focus is on offering efficient data gathering and sharing for informed decision-making. This strategy has tripled our monthly turnover in early 2021.

Where does Sixense stand in the digital transformation of real estate, and does Romania have a digital buildings market?

We facilitate the digital transformation of processes related to a building’s structural health and safety. From construction site monitoring to complex project surveillance, our tools revolutionize traditional monitoring by enhancing accuracy, efficiency, and accessibility. Our innovative solutions even create digital replicas of buildings to assess their behavior over time and in response to various factors.

Why should investors embrace this digital shift in real estate?

Efficiency, transparency, and cost reduction are the key benefits. Digital tools streamline collaboration, accountability, and error detection, leading to cost efficiencies. Moreover, societal and technological advancements, like smart cities and IoT, pressure stakeholders to embrace technology for operational efficiency and service responsiveness.

How did the pandemic influence your business and the industry in Romania?

The pandemic introduced electronic signatures in construction and architecture, although implementation challenges persist, notably with local administrations. We navigated this period well due to proactive engagement with public authorities, partners, and clients, fostering good practices and successful communication.

What are Sixense’s plans for the coming years?

Our focus is on providing engineering, mapping, and digital solutions to Romanian local administrations, given the increasing operational responsibility placed on them. We aim to develop digital solutions for project lifetime management, benefiting both local authorities and private enterprises, with a vision to leave a lasting impact in the industry.

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