Can you explain the benefits of Strayos’ mine-to-mill platform for mining customers?

Certainly. Strayos’ mine-to-mill platform provides a range of AI solutions, machine-sensing solutions, and software solutions that help optimize the drilling, blasting, and crushing processes, as well as site optimization. By using our platform, our mining clients can significantly improve their efficiency, profitability, and sustainability.

We start the optimization process at the very beginning of the mining operations value chain, specifically with drill and blast planning. Our platform allows clients to optimize their drilling processes and gain a better understanding of the ore body through the data collected from remote sensing systems. This data is then fed into the site’s digital twin, where automated CAD analyses and AI insights are generated, along with a 3D model. This accurate and informed digital operation planning process helps our clients optimize not just drilling operations but also understand how drilling interacts with other site operations such as blasting, loading, crushing, geology, and design.

Our AI generates predictive modeling that informs clients about potential outcomes of their designed processes. We also have extensive blast design, prediction, and analysis intelligence tools that tie into the drilling intelligence and inform downstream operations. Downstream, we have a suite of ore dilution analysis and movement analysis that helps operators optimize the loading and hauling processes. With sensing systems that are a blend of hardware and HPI systems installed in the crushing machines, we can understand their capability, collect data at every stage, and create scenario analysis. For instance, we can analyze which blast design resulted in better energy consumption at the mill side.

Can you provide some examples of how clients in Arizona and Nevada have used Strayos’ AI solutions?

Yes, in Arizona and Nevada, the mines use subcontractors like drilling and blasting contractors that use our platform. They are primarily interested in the ore dilution side, the hauling side, and ways to improve ore fragmentation. Our dilution control services are more in demand by gold mines. Companies in both states are really starting to embrace the benefits of AI for their operations, particularly how technology can help them look into the future.

How are AI and machine learning transforming the mining industry?

The mining industry is uniquely positioned to benefit from machine learning as there are tangible business outcomes mining companies can derive from data such as safety, sustainability, and efficiency. AI and machine learning are transforming the industry’s approach to safety. For example, autonomous remote sensing techniques prevent staff from going unnecessarily into harm’s way.

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