We’re intrigued to learn more about The Mavers, especially considering it’s a relatively new venture that you’ve embarked upon. Could you shed some light on the journey that led to its inception?

Indeed, our journey began quite recently, just in September 2020. My previous role as an investment controller at Petrom City involved planning and executing significant real estate projects, an experience I thoroughly enjoyed. Later, at CBRE, I aimed to introduce real estate technology to the Romanian market. It was a culmination of these professional experiences combined with the global pandemic that spurred the creation of The Mavers.

Our focus primarily lies in establishing a smart framework that facilitates the digitalization of real estate processes. Additionally, we’ve developed products that we believe add significant value to the industry, such as a platform that aggregates diverse public information, including traffic reports, real estate listings, and air quality data, to generate comprehensive market reports.

How does the data you provide contribute to insights for real estate companies?

By meticulously analyzing various data points like location, size, specific asset-class attributes, interest, and surrounding factors, we can categorize properties and discern patterns within the data. This comprehensive analysis empowers real estate companies by providing a clearer view of the market landscape and a precise map of properties fitting specific criteria.

Our ultimate aim is to develop an aggregator accessible to both private and corporate clients. While developers have been our primary focus, accounting for the bulk of our inquiries, we aim to extend our services to private clients as well. Often, developers approach us seeking feasibility insights for specific plots of land, including location analysis encompassing pricing, potential competition, traffic density, air quality, and more.

With various platforms already available, what sets The Mavers apart in this competitive space?

Our distinctiveness primarily lies in the user experience. Many existing platforms tend to inundate users with information, often becoming overwhelming. In contrast, our emphasis is on simplification, presenting only the most relevant and essential details. While we do consider potential integration with other websites in the future, our primary current focus remains on delivering a streamlined, stress-free user experience.

Your platform is relatively new. Could you offer insight into its envisioned growth and potential new functionalities?

Absolutely, despite being in operation for a short span of time, we’re continually adding new features on a monthly basis, incorporating feedback from users. For instance, we recently introduced a terrain analysis function crucial for developers, encompassing feasibility studies, an archived documentation repository, photo galleries, drone footage, and a map showcasing nearby amenities like restaurants, parks, and schools. Moreover, we’re keen on integrating Google Street View, allowing clients to explore terrains at ground level rather than solely through satellite imagery.

How receptive are developers in Romania to investing in such technology within the real estate industry?

The pandemic notably increased the interest in technology across industries. Developers understand that embracing technology is essential for survival, especially in a rapidly evolving market. Our experience has been positive, with developers expressing interest and providing valuable feedback. For instance, the development of our land analysis software was in direct response to a developer’s need for comprehensive feasibility studies, reflecting their inclination towards utilizing technology for better insights.

What challenges do you anticipate navigating in the Romanian market as a company like The Mavers?

One noticeable aspect is a tendency among developers to wait for others to test new innovations before embracing them fully. In our nascent stage, we rely on companies with a progressive culture, enthusiastic about embracing new technologies. However, this presents more of a challenge than a roadblock. My interactions within the market lead me to believe that adoption of new technology will only accelerate from this point onward.

What are your aspirations and plans for the coming two to three years?

Over the next three years, we envision our product to reach a mature stage. Our short-term goal is to demonstrate the unique and substantial value of our services to clients. In the long run, our data science project marks the initial phase of a broader endeavor, positioning us to further innovate and contribute significantly to the real estate technology landscape.

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