The volatile nature of Poland’s renewable energy market seems to be widely accepted. What do you believe are the reasons behind the market’s highs and lows?

The lows and highs in the renewable energy market in Poland are influenced by various factors. One significant factor is the taxation and financial management strategies employed by companies. Buyers of wind turbines or wind parts often try to delay payments to postpone costs, but still pay before the end of the year to be able to deduct taxes. Additionally, the winter period is not the best time for installing wind turbines, and the first quarter of the year is typically the lowest season. These factors contribute to the market’s fluctuating nature.

It appears that there are many promising opportunities in Poland’s renewable energy sector in the coming years. Can you elaborate on the developments and policies that are driving this optimism?

Indeed, there are numerous ongoing projects in Poland’s renewable energy sector, with several awaiting permits. Moreover, the policies in Poland have changed significantly since last year, and the market has started to open up again. This has created more stability in the industry, and we anticipate further growth and opportunities in the future.

How do you ensure that your company remains competitive in the renewable energy industry?

Response: To stay competitive in the industry, we focus on building a good reputation through positive relationships with our clients. We also have a skilled and dedicated team that contributes to our competitiveness. Additionally, we strive for steady and responsible growth, making wise decisions that yield long-term benefits.

Is it challenging to find suitable talent in Poland’s wind industry? How has the job market evolved in recent years?

Yes, it has become more challenging to find the right talent in Poland’s wind industry compared to the past. A few years ago, it was relatively easy to find highly skilled individuals, but many have moved on to other countries for better opportunities. The workforce in the industry is largely self-employed, and they tend to switch between companies based on salary considerations. Moreover, not many workers are willing to travel for extended periods, which is often required for wind farm projects. We strive to accommodate their preferences by compromising and meeting their expectations.

While Poland is currently a significant market for wind energy, your company, Total Wind, also operates internationally. What factors influence your choices in expanding your operations beyond Poland?

Total Wind operates in various countries, including Scandinavia, Germany, and France. We typically follow market trends and the activities of wind energy producers. We have noticed that the Eastern European market is opening up and presents significant opportunities. Currently, Poland is indeed the most exciting market, similar to Sweden or Germany.

What other challenges does your company face in the current business environment in Poland’s renewable energy sector?

There are several challenges that our company, along with the entire renewable energy industry in Poland, faces. One major challenge is the acceptance of renewable energy sources by the government and society as a whole. There is a need for more openness and support from the Polish government towards renewable energy. While it is evident that we need to move towards sustainable energy sources, there is still a reluctance to fully accept and embrace them.

How has the recent COVID-19 outbreak affected your business, and what are your expectations for the long-term repercussions?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had both positive and negative impacts on our business. On the negative side, businesses like ours have already invested resources in training people, purchasing equipment, and other expenses. If the business slows down, many companies may face challenges or even bankruptcy. However, on the positive side, our current projects are ongoing, and we continue to work while taking necessary safety precautions.

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