Can you provide us with a brief introduction to Milsoft and its role as one of Turkey’s leading software companies?

Milsoft was established in 1998 in Turkey with the aim of developing software for defense systems in accordance with the highest level of international standards. The company’s goal was to develop its own indigenous technologies to enable it to be independent and competitive in global markets. Milsoft has worked towards obtaining certifications for international quality standards and has earned several certifications, including NATO AQAP 2210 and CMMI level 5. Milsoft has also developed its own indigenous technologies and has received about $20 million from TÜBITAK as grant money, which enabled the company to demonstrate its capabilities to international customers.

Can you elaborate on Milsoft’s facilities and the company’s key capabilities?

Milsoft established its own facility in Ankara in 2005 and has a facility in Teknopark Istanbul, where some of its R&D projects are developed. Milsoft also established a Milsoft-owned company in the US to realize ample business potential there. One of Milsoft’s key capabilities is command and control systems. The company developed its own IT infrastructures and command control systems, providing the entire command control system software for the Turkish coast guard search and rescue ships. Milsoft’s other key capability is the development of tactical data links, including link 11 and 16 that are operational in Turkish Perry Class Frigates and two operational naval ships. Milsoft also provided the transportable image exploitation system (TIES) for the Heron unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from Israel.

What does Milsoft do as an innovator that differentiates the company from its competitors?

Milsoft invests heavily in R&D and tries to gauge future requirements of the industry. The company focuses on developing technologies that have not been done by any competitors. Milsoft uses the latest IT technologies to implement its defense software solutions and develops its own IT infrastructure to develop defense systems. Using the same infrastructure to develop all its capabilities enables the system to be interoperable, which is important for defense forces. Milsoft continuously follows IT technologies trends and defense software requirements to develop new systems using the latest approaches.

How are Milsoft’s interests divided between different international markets?

Milsoft provides its capabilities to Turkish government-affiliated companies or directly to international main contractors. More than 50% of its revenue comes from international markets. Milsoft’s biggest international customers include Alenia in Italy, to which the company provides link 16 capabilities, and HTW in Germany, which utilizes Milsoft’s link 11 and link 22 capabilities. Milsoft has also delivered a Navy Information Exchange System to the Pakistan Navy and has submitted many proposals for various programs in different continents that are under review.

Do you have a final message for our international readership?

Milsoft aims to incubate all its capabilities in one system in the future to make its processes more effective. The quality of its products and compliance with international standards are important to the company. Milsoft has established capabilities in different critical defense areas and continuously transforms its capabilities to develop new systems using the latest approaches.

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