Could you please provide an introduction to Aycan Aviation and its operations?

 Aycan Aviation was established in 1997 with a focus on aircraft engine components manufacturing. Since then, we have grown our team to 65 employees and introduced over 300 complex tight tolerance parts to the aviation industry. We began with contracts from Tusas Engine Industries (TEI) and have since expanded our customer base to directly supply Bucher, Alp Aviation, Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), and Roketsan, as well as indirectly supplying Airbus, Boeing, Agusta-Westland, KAI, GE, Sikorsky, and Pratt & Whitney. Aycan Aviation is also an approved supplier for Airbus and Safran Tech Space. Our capabilities include precision machining, reverse engineering, fixture, tool and die design, fluorescent penetration inspection, 3D modeling, and CAD/CAM operation. We are constantly adding new competencies to better serve our customers and are looking to offer our services internationally. At Aycan Aviation, we are customer-focused and strive to provide high-quality products on time. We also aim to attract reputable suppliers and solution partners early in the process and become strategic partners in their product and process development.

Aycan Aviation has direct insight into the local environment for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) after years of working in Eskisehir. How would you characterize this environment in Eskisehir?

Despite the challenges faced by the Turkish industry due to exchange rate fluctuations, Eskisehir is a strong region for SME growth. This allows us to offer lower costs without compromising quality. Our excellent access to labor through the Eskisehir Aviation Cluster (ESAC), a local airbase, and nearby universities with reputable civil aviation departments enable us to maintain our competitive edge. Additionally, the local and national governments are supportive of the aviation industry, and collaboration with other SMEs is strong. For example, Aycan Aviation has signed a strategic partnership with four other critical parts manufacturers to complement our production capabilities. Overall, the SME environment in Eskisehir provides us with the flexibility and resources necessary to continue growing and expanding our operations.

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