What are the main activities of Mitto Consultancy?

Mitto Consultancy provides solutions to mining companies from exploration to production and reclamation in Turkey. They also conduct environmental impact assessments to make mining in Turkey more environmentally sustainable. Mitto has four departments that work together on projects and collaborates with universities for consultancy projects. They aim to extend their services to other parts of the world using their expertise.

What innovative technologies is Mitto using to enhance its services?

Mitto uses advanced software like Surpac, Leapfrog, and FreeFlow to create sustainable mining operations, optimize production, and design mines. They also use hydrotalcite technology from Australia to prevent seepages and separate solids and liquids to reclaim metals. Mitto uses virtual reality (VR) technology to introduce mining projects to government officials.

What is being done to overcome Turkey’s complex geology with small deposits?

Coal and quarry licenses are being combined to form mining fields, with license owners having shares from a single company set up. This solution will use reserves more efficiently and make new investments more feasible. Metallic mines open to bids will also be transformed into mining fields, incentivizing the opening of mineral processing plants and adding more to the economy. The government offers incentives to companies that combine their reserves by reducing forestry fees and other encouragements.

Does Mitto work with clients on social impact assessments and what is important for public approval of a mining project?

Mitto offers social impact assessments to clients and provides this service if they require funding from organizations like the EBRD and the IFC. Social impact assessments are not often included in EIAs, but are important for gaining public approval. The local population’s desire for employment opportunities and support for farming activities are crucial, as well as considerations of health risks and water issues.

How does Mitto plan to grow in the future and differentiate itself from other consultancies?

Mitto does not see themselves as competitors and aims to share their knowledge with the mining community. They aim to become an international company and use international standards and guidelines. Mitto aims to have qualified persons (QPs) or provide education for those that want to become QPs.

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