What stood out for the firm in 2020?

Our focus on research became pivotal, especially in understanding the evolving workplace landscape during the pandemic. We’ve been deeply engaged in assisting clients navigating the uncertainties—helping them safeguard their businesses and people as they plan the return to office spaces. Questions about safety, business growth, and the changing work dynamics have been at the forefront. We’ve encouraged our clients not to expect a return to the exact pre-pandemic setup but to utilize this time to learn, adapt, and strengthen their organizational culture based on current working patterns and positive surprises.

What’s the forecast for 2021?

In 2021, our priority remains the safety of our team while ensuring continued top-notch service for our clients. We’ve proven our effectiveness in virtual collaboration, delivering excellent designs remotely. While we can’t predict every detail for the future, we’re genuinely enthusiastic about the potential ahead. Many seek our insights about the future landscape, and we’re feeling more confident about navigating the endgame of this pandemic.

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