Can you provide an overview of Bureau Veritas’ company profile and the industries you focus on in Oman?

Bureau Veritas is a global leader in laboratory testing, inspection, and certification services. We help our clients enhance their performance by offering innovative solutions and services that ensure their assets, products, infrastructure, and processes meet quality, health and safety, environmental, and social responsibility standards and regulations. In Oman, we have been present since the early 1990s, with our main office located in Muscat and operations at over 10 locations, including a laboratory. We have a dedicated team of more than 350 trust makers who deliver a diverse range of industry-leading testing, inspection, and certification services across various sectors such as energy, oil and gas, chemicals, building and infrastructure, commodities, and marine, among others.

How has Bureau Veritas been adding value to the local market?

With almost 200 years of accumulated experience globally, Bureau Veritas has expertise in addressing various sectors including oil and gas, clean energy, international trade, manufacturing, tourism, digitalization, metals and minerals, and marine. This international expertise is readily accessible to our local clients in Oman, allowing us to add value by supporting them in meeting the challenges related to safety, environmental protection, social responsibility, and product or service quality throughout their value chains. Furthermore, our global presence and positioning within international markets and industries enable us to develop cutting-edge solutions for prevailing industry challenges. We also contribute to the local market by committing to initiatives that promote in-country value (ICV) creation. This includes investments in and knowledge transfer to local Omani talents. We are highly optimistic about the future dynamics of the Omani economy.

What makes Bureau Veritas the partner of choice for industry players?

Bureau Veritas is chosen as a preferred partner by industry players for several reasons. Firstly, our work enables organizations to operate safely, innovate, and perform better. With our unparalleled global expertise, technical knowledge, and worldwide presence, we help our clients manage quality, safety, and sustainability risks, benefiting society as a whole. We go beyond testing, inspection, and certification, and our work has a broader impact. For almost two centuries, we have acted as trust-makers between companies, governments, and society, serving as independent and impartial guarantors of our clients’ word. We play a crucial role in building and protecting companies’ reputations, supporting them as they establish foundations of trust that endure. We also assist our clients in becoming more efficient, methodical, and trustworthy as they strive for sustainable business practices and a more sustainable world.

Bureau Veritas has a green line of services and solutions dedicated to sustainability. How is this concept embedded into your strategy?

Bureau Veritas is a “Business to Business to Society” services company. Our mission is to foster trust among businesses, public authorities, and consumers. Leveraging our expertise, we assist our clients in addressing the challenges related to safety, environment, social responsibility, and product or service quality throughout their value chains. We support them in resource selection and production processes, offering expertise at every point in the supply chain, from sourcing raw materials to product use. Additionally, we play a vital role in supporting global development trends that are shaping the future, such as new mobility and the energy transition. Bureau Veritas strives to accompany our clients in delivering their sustainability strategies and meeting the expectations of their employees and stakeholders. Through our green line of services and solutions, we empower organizations—both private and public—to implement, measure, and achieve their sustainability objectives. With our contribution, our clients can tangibly demonstrate the impact of their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) actions by making them traceable, visible, and reliable.

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