What sets Bureau Veritas apart in the Turkish market regarding fire assay capacity?

Bureau Veritas has the largest fire assay capacity in Turkey, which makes it a proven laboratory for gold and silver. We have a fast turnaround and perform perfectly for both low grade and high grade gold. While the exploration industry had been slow in the past, we have focused on gold, silver, and base metals to meet the demands of the market.

As ore grades fall, is there more demand for beneficiation and is this affecting Bureau Veritas’ business in any way?

Yes, there is more demand for beneficiation as ore grades fall. Historically, producers in Turkey used their own in-house laboratories to control production. However, we believe this is changing in Turkey soon. Our onsite business division has been working on opportunities in our region to meet this demand.

Has foreign investment in mining increased in recent years in Turkey?

The commodity markets were performing badly in the past few years, which dampened foreign investment in exploration. However, this is now recovering. Although incentives are in place, our industry does not necessarily depend on foreign investment. There are serious local players in the field with considerably important projects.

How does Bureau Veritas differentiate itself from other players in the market?

Bureau Veritas has combined its existing laboratory expertise with new acquisitions to produce a very efficient technology through research and development in our Perth and Vancouver centers. We have generated a new package for client samples in Western Australia combining high productivity robotic fusion technology with state of the art laser ablation and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). This package provides a fully extracted quantitative analysis for all elements. The technique is fast, repeatable, and offers safety along with environmental advantages as it does not use any acids in digestion.

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