Deutsche Windtechnik has been operating in the wind turbine servicing industry for nearly 15 years now. Can you tell us about your international footprint and the countries you are present in?

Certainly! We have established our presence in most of the countries in Europe, spanning from Spain and the UK in the West to Sweden and Poland in the East. In addition, we have offices in the United States and are also developing offshore competencies in Taiwan. In terms of technology, we service a wide range of platforms available in the market, including Vestas, Gamesa, Siemens, Nordex, Senvion, and Enercon.

That’s impressive! Can you share with us why you chose Poland as the first international market to establish a presence?

It was actually a matter of circumstances. In 2012, we received a request from a customer to establish an office in Poland and provide services to their wind project, as they were not satisfied with the service quality provided by the manufacturer. It was quite a surprise for us to see such a high demand and sudden growth in Poland, and it made a lot of sense for us to continue expanding our presence there.

What are your thoughts on the current Polish market, and where do you see the most opportunities for your business?

The market in Poland has faced challenges in recent years due to restrictions such as the 10-hour rule, which limited the development of new projects. However, we are now seeing positive changes, with new investments coming in and the number of projects increasing. This presents ample opportunities for our business, especially as customers are actively seeking high-quality services. The passing of the PIB (Poland’s Act on Renewable Energy Sources) in 2020 is also expected to open up new projects, which will create more work for us as well.

Wind turbine technology is evolving rapidly. How do you keep up with these continuous changes and ensure that you have the appropriate knowledge to service new technologies?

Keeping up with changing technologies requires a significant amount of internal development, and we have dedicated research and development (R&D) and offshore departments to ensure that we stay up to date. In fact, we manufacture our own electronics for older projects and make it a priority to continuously develop competencies for newer technologies.

In many countries, the market for wind turbine servicing tends to be dominated by manufacturers. Is this the case in Poland as well?

Yes, to some extent, this is true for Poland as well. Many customers tend to stick with manufacturers out of convenience and familiarity. However, over the past 5 to 10 years, we have successfully proven ourselves as a worthy competitor. Our goal is not to dominate the market, but rather to provide a real, high-quality alternative to what manufacturers offer.

Why would a customer choose to contract a company like Deutsche Windtechnik, rather than work with the manufacturer directly?

One of the key reasons is that we are not the manufacturer, which allows us to provide unbiased and transparent assessments of turbine issues. Manufacturers tend to focus on delivering the turbine, but may not prioritize flexible services tailored to the customer’s needs. Flexibility is crucial when it comes to minimizing the production cost of energy, and we are committed to providing that flexibility to our customers.

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