Over two decades in the industry, how has Alibaz witnessed the evolution of Mallorca’s real estate sector, and what characterizes the island’s current real estate boom?

The evolution has been remarkable, particularly in terms of enhanced quality and design standards. Our journey began with high-quality homes by the standards of the time, but the contrast with today’s projects is striking. Mallorca now showcases luxurious properties against the Mediterranean backdrop. Alibaz is proud to have been part of this evolution, offering a highly personalized service. Our employees receive rigorous training to meet the demands of our discerning clients.

What investment opportunities does Mallorca’s real estate sector offer, and what are its key advantages?

Mallorca’s strategic Mediterranean location places it ideally within Europe, just a short flight away from major capitals. The island offers diverse geography—from towering mountains to exquisite beaches—coupled with excellent infrastructure, top-tier healthcare, and a burgeoning cultural scene. During the COVID crisis, property prices briefly dipped but swiftly recovered, even experiencing significant increases as people seek new living and working environments.

What’s the average return on investment for a property in Mallorca?

Returns vary based on factors like location, property type, and design. Our clients have seen profitable returns due to the island’s high desirability. Mallorca’s exceptional connectivity attracts substantial interest, shifting from short stays to longer residencies, fueling the real estate boom.

How has Alibaz contributed to Mallorcan architecture and its shift towards sustainability?

As a construction company, we rely on architects and designers to infuse Mallorcan style into our projects. Sustainability is vital given the island’s limited resources. Alibaz attained quality and environmental protection certifications over a decade ago, focusing on strict recycling policies and ongoing environmental improvement. We’re now gearing up for highly energy-efficient homes to further Mallorca’s long-term sustainability.

What’s Alibaz’s stance on integrating home automation (domotics) into its projects?

Digitalization has seen significant advancements. All our current projects are seamlessly connected to remote management applications. Residents can adjust parameters for low consumption while away and increase them upon return. Energy efficiency is key to our future projects, ensuring they harmonize with the local environment while maximizing resident comfort.

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