How has technology reshaped the construction industry?

In the last decade, technology has revolutionized how we operate in construction. Previously, its use was somewhat limited on-site, but now, real-time data access has become indispensable for field staff. This shift has enhanced site safety, streamlined communication, and reduced paperwork completion time significantly. Mobile apps and cloud-based document storage have been particularly beneficial, offering remote accessibility and enabling clients to track projects from anywhere with an internet connection.

What are the current high-demand areas for construction projects?

Traditionally, Palm Beach Island has been a focal point for new residential construction and renovations. However, in the last year, Downtown West Palm Beach has witnessed a surge in project initiations and proposed developments. This area is a significant investment for us and I foresee it continuing to flourish in the years ahead. Its growth plays a crucial role in attracting new residents and retaining existing ones. Additionally, we’ve completed a substantial project for the city of Boynton Beach, which holds immense potential for further growth and development.

Are there any upcoming legislative changes that might impact your operations?

Recent legislative developments, especially within the past 18 months, have significantly influenced our operations. One notable bill passed this July pertains to payments owed to contractors and the interest applicable for delayed payments. This legislation underscores the critical relationship between timely payments and project schedules, benefiting both owners and contractors alike.

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