Can you share your transition from the corporate hospitality world to real estate?

I entered the real estate domain after a colleague offered me a position as a sales director in their newly established real estate company. My experience in handling diverse individuals and running businesses facilitated this transition. Moreover, my comprehensive knowledge of the coast, viewed through various perspectives like property ownership, parenthood, and entrepreneurship, greatly favored my move.

What direction do you foresee for Marbella & Beyond, and what changes will it undergo?

Currently, there’s limited focus on the financial aspects of purchasing a second or third home abroad. Marbella & Beyond aims to rectify this by providing potential buyers with comprehensive insights and updated information regarding the financial implications and advantages of acquiring properties in Marbella or Portugal.

Has Brexit impacted the rental or sales market?

Brexit’s effect on the high-end market remains minimal. UK pensioners might have experienced income reductions due to transfer rate changes. While paperwork requirements for British buyers have altered slightly, being a non-EU British citizen brings notable benefits, such as eligibility for the Digital Nomad Visa, offering significant advantages.

How has the elimination of the wealth tax in Andalusia influenced business?

The abolition of the wealth tax has been a positive change. We are actively working on raising awareness about this favorable adjustment.

Are there any anticipated challenges this year?

Monitoring the rise in interest rates and inflation is crucial, although the impact is uncertain, especially considering that the UK has higher rates in both aspects at present.

Who is your target market, and where do they primarily originate from?

Our target audience comprises non-EU buyers, benefiting from attractive tax advantages.

What are your thoughts on social media, and do you leverage its potential?

Social media has become an essential part of our daily operations. We recognize its significance, especially among younger potential buyers, and have established a robust presence across major platforms.

What stands out as your biggest achievement?

Our imminent expansion into Portugal’s Algarve region marks a significant milestone for us.

Could you describe your marketing approach?

Our strategy revolves around being informative. We prioritize providing current financial insights, including wealth and tax details, coupled with a strong emphasis on lifestyle aspects, crucial for making informed property investment decisions.

While showcasing properties, do you find yourself tempted to sell your property and make an offer?

Absolutely! The allure of these stunning properties is undeniable. I’m tempted every single day!

What sets Marbella & Beyond Real Estate apart from other real estate firms?

Our ability to match clients with properties that perfectly align with their lifestyle needs distinguishes Marbella & Beyond within the industry.

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