Can you provide an overview of Aldesa Poland and the structure in place, given it is one of the three strategic global markets you have decided to focus on?

Aldesa’s first project in Poland was the development of an A-class office building in Krakow named Diamante Plaza. This provided them with valuable experience in the business environment. After 13 years of significant activity in Poland, it has become one of their top-three markets alongside Mexico and Spain. Aldesa Poland’s primary focus in the energy sector is renewable energy and HV transport lines. To date, they have completed six wind farms, and another four with 264 MW are under development. Aldesa has also completed two 400 kv double circuit lines for PSE and another 220 kv line. They have a well-established local team of approximately 300 people in Poland and see good opportunities for growth.

What impact does the current massive transformation in the energy sector have on companies in your field?

It is indeed a time of disruption, but Aldesa prefers to focus on the new business opportunities created. They view it as a time of new possibilities but also the need to continuously adapt to satisfy market needs.

Have the auction systems been sufficient compensation for the restrictions placed on developing new wind farms?

Recent auctions have created significant activity in the sector, but the restrictions imposed still resulted in lost opportunities for Poland, particularly when considering how much the country needs to increase its clean energy share. Although there are positive trends, such as the promotion of solar and offshore wind, the latter requires extended development and construction timelines. Solar is part of the solution, but in a country like Poland, on-shore wind can be more competitive. Aldesa recommends that Poland redefine the regulatory system to allow the development of new on-shore wind projects.

What are some of the common challenges faced by companies like Aldesa in the Polish business environment?

Despite Poland being a country full of talented and qualified professionals, the biggest challenge for construction companies is the lack of well-trained manpower due to the current size of the construction market. To compete with markets such as Germany, authorities need to simplify procedures to allow the recruitment of workers from other countries.

Based on your experience as a foreign investor in Poland, what advice would you give to potential newcomers?

Poland’s economy will continue to experience growth, and the legal framework is stable and conducive to investment. Overall, Aldesa believes that now is an excellent time for anyone considering entering this market.

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