Can you describe Atalian’s presence in Romania and its comparative position in the CEE region?

Atalian operates in 35 countries, employing about 137,000 individuals globally. In Romania, our subsidiary has thrived, achieving a turnover of EUR 14 million in 2020. With 450 employees, we manage 50+ properties across 1.8 million sqm, spanning office, industrial, retail, and residential sectors.

What defines Atalian Romania’s approach, particularly concerning client relationships and internal culture?

Our hallmark is client loyalty, evident in our enduring 23-year contracts. Our robust internal culture nurtures and retains young talents, fostering their long-term commitment to the company.

Which real estate sector holds more prominence in your portfolio?

Primarily, we operate within the office sector, managing approximately 40 buildings in Bucharest. We’ve also expanded into industrial, retail, and notably, private schools.

How did Atalian Romania navigate challenges during the global pandemic?

2020 was unprecedented, but our adaptable approach bolstered our performance, recording higher turnover than 2019. Cleaning services gained critical importance, prompting us to introduce new solutions such as disinfection methods and collaborate with specialized firms.

Has the industrial sector’s growth impacted your portfolio structure?

The industrial sector’s success influences our strategy, aiming to consolidate the office segment and expand our industrial footprint. Engaging in auctions and offering comprehensive property management services indicates our openness to diverse segments.

What role does technology play in facility management, especially in your business sector?

Technology is pivotal. While robots and machines enhance efficiency, software solutions have become integral. Our proprietary software, developed with Protoss Solution, streamlines tenant-landlord communication, significantly improving operations.

Considering the Romanian real estate market, is it an opportune time for new players to invest?

Absolutely. There’s ample space for new entrants in the facility management sector. Despite recent shifts, the Romanian real estate market remains promising, presenting lucrative prospects for investors.

Looking ahead, what plans does Atalian Romania have for the next three years?

Our focus is to fortify our trailblazing role. Over the next three years, we aim for a more influential presence, expanding our client portfolio across diverse sectors.

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