Can you provide us with an overview of Bombardier Singapore’s operations?

Bombardier is a leading manufacturer of planes and trains worldwide, employing over 70,000 people and generating revenues of US$18.2 billion. Bombardier Business Aircraft Singapore is a business aviation service center, established in 2013 to offer support to Global, Challenger, and Learjet aircraft. We aim to become a one-stop-shop for Bombardier business aircraft owners in the region. In addition, we have regional support offices in Mumbai, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Sydney, as well as parts depots in the region. Bombardier’s revenues for 2015 in the Asia-Pacific region reached US$2.4 billion.

How will Bombardier work towards becoming the future of mobility in the SEA region in terms of business aircraft?

The business aircraft segment of the industry has grown significantly in the last 8-10 years in the region, in line with the economic development and growth that companies have experienced, as well as the level of wealth within Asia. Bombardier aims to capture much of the protected growth within business aviation with the entry-into-service of the Global 7000 business jet in the second half of 2018. The Global 7000 is uniquely designed to deliver an impressive long-range capability and a cabin experience like no other. Our three families of business jets, Learjet, Challenger, and Global, represent the broadest offering of all business aircraft manufacturers, making us well placed to continue growing as a driving force for mobility in the region.

What is the importance of Bombardier for employment in the country, and in what way do your operations help the skilled labor growth in Singapore?

Bombardier Business Aircraft Singapore employs an average of 130 people, and we have built strong relationships with local polytechnics, technical institutions, and training schools to develop our staff. We invest long-term to create sustainable solutions and offer yearly internships for 10 to 20 students from local aeronautical engineering courses, lasting up to six months. The Singapore office will continue to grow with local emerging talent that we have cultivated for years. Our focus is on hiring leaders of the future for our operations, and our employees are the driving force behind Bombardier Business Aircraft’s success.

What are the key challenges and advantages of operating within the Singapore market?

Singapore is a prime location in the region, offering ease of access for maintenance and operations, zero tax, and connectivity to all major cities within the region and globally. Time-efficient customs clearance makes movement much easier than in other parts of the region, and a quarter of the MRO market in Asia is contained within Singapore. Within 15 minutes of our facility, we have a whole ecosystem of support, allowing us to return aircraft to service with quick turnaround times and efficient logistics. The government is a strong player in the country, focusing on improving the system to benefit the industry, and they have developed a very strong aerospace market in a short period. The educational system and language in the country are strong selling points for Singapore, making it easier to do business and allowing for expansion. The safety and security standards within Singapore provide strong stability for companies operating in the region.

What are Bombardier Business Aircraft Singapore’s key objectives for the next 3-5 years?

Our objective is to increase our capacity, adding the Global 7000 aircraft to our approvals in order to support the new fleet coming into the region upon the entry-into-service of the aircraft. Within 3 years, we aim to attain an even broader portfolio of certifications, covering a wider area of maintenance and service.

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