Could you please provide an overview of Diamantina Christensen’s capacity in Chile?

Yes, certainly. Diamantina Christensen has a manufacturing plant in Santiago that is capable of producing drill rods in various diameters, diamond products, as well as core barrels parts and accessories. The plant has a high capacity for rod manufacturing and can also produce diamond products. Core barrel parts and accessories are also an important product line for the plant.

Which new drilling technologies has Diamantina Christensen been investing in?

In terms of our diamond products line, we have recently made an important investment in new technologies to meet the needs of our clients who are drilling deeper in more complex ground conditions with high levels of abrasive elements. This has resulted in a need for diamond products, such as core bits that can increase productivity. To achieve this, we invested in the transformation and incorporation of controlled atmospheres furnaces, which has enabled us to have a high-quality product with much better performance. Our clients have responded positively to this new technology both nationally and internationally.

What is Diamantina Christensen’s strategy to maintain its market share in the drilling product market?

Diamantina Christensen’s approach is to work closely with clients at different levels, from management teams to field operators and drillers, to act as consultants in supplying the right drilling products that fit the specific ground conditions of the project. This allows us to capture their needs as end-users, from the driller to the general manager. We always seek technical validation of the products to ensure their suitability for the specific project requirements.

In these times of current supply chain challenges, we have also been working with our clients to have planned requirements, changing the old mindset of ordering something and getting it the next day, which is no longer feasible. We believe that it is essential to work hand in hand with clients, as well as with the supply chain and planning departments, so we can have the proper products at the right time to meet the specific project requirements. By doing so, we can maintain our market share in the drilling product market.

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