Electricaserv is one of the oldest player in its field of activity, Can you explain Electricaserv’s current focus?

Electricaserv is currently focusing on introducing new products in their portfolio, in addition to maintenance and energy services which are the core of their work. They are prioritizing the development of renewable energy, particularly solar energy, and are waiting for the Environmental Fund Administration (EFA) to approve the program concerning photovoltaic panels. They hope this program will be successful as there is already great interest among consumers, and they welcome the decision to make it available for off-grid residences as well. Additionally, they are preparing an initiative to address the needs of companies and other legal entities who also have a strong interest in solar energy due to its cost-saving benefits.

What is Electricaserv’s collaboration with a local producer regarding solar energy?

Electricaserv has recently reached an agreement with a local producer to provide photovoltaic kits and implementation design. The local producer, Electricom, will provide the kits through their modern production facilities while Electricaserv will be responsible for installation and maintenance, as well as ensuring warranty and corrective work where necessary.

How do you think the high demand for solar energy will affect the local landscape?

Electricaserv believes that renewable energy, specifically solar energy, will replace energy produced through classic sources like coal rather than be generated in addition to it. This aligns with the EU’s objectives to reduce carbon emissions and will also help balance the market during low production times. They anticipate that storage capabilities will become more common in the Romanian market in the future but are currently limited due to high technology prices.

Does Electricaserv have plans to expand into new geographies?

While Electricaserv does not currently have any works underway, they have previously collaborated with countries in the Middle East area and are open to new collaborations. They are waiting on the opening of a bid in Bulgaria which would give them an entry into the market, and any other European market is of interest to them. They plan to undertake a promotional campaign to create visibility over their traditional services and the new areas they are developing.

What challenges is Electricaserv facing in the Romanian business environment?

Electricaserv is facing a challenge related to recent legislation in the construction and energy sectors. The state has proposed fiscal facilities for employees, which stipulate a minimum salary of RON 3,000 (EUR 650), but this facility only applies to companies whose turnover includes at least 80% work in the construction field. Although Electricaserv has a branch focused specifically on construction, as a group they do not qualify because their overall work spans across various sectors. They believe this is a narrow interpretation of the law that unfortunately causes their employees to miss out on a valuable advantage.

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