Can you provide an overview of Enmad Sondaj and Enerson Engineering’s main activities?

Enerson Engineering specializes in geophysical exploration, including surveys such as gravity, shallow seismic, magnetic, IP resistivity, and electro-magnetic. They also offer wireline borehole logging services for the mineral exploration industry and operate in Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Bulgaria. Enmad Sondaj, on the other hand, was established to produce drilling rigs and operate as a drilling contractor. They have been successful in recent years, delivering 32 rigs to Turkish Petroleum International Company and working on MTA projects with eight rigs. They also work as a well-logging company and on coal exploration projects for the MTA.

Can you explain the challenges faced by drilling contractors in the sector?

The private sector has requested 1 million meters of drilling in 2017 and 2 million meters this year, but the prices are still not high enough. Currently, there is no risk-sharing agreement between clients and contractors, which puts contractors at risk of losing money in difficult drilling conditions. Many contractors have worked for low prices just to keep their drilling crews, but this approach is starting to damage the sector.

What are Enmad and Enerson’s plans for the future?

Enmad aims to expand its work as a drilling contractor to Africa and South America, where prices and conditions are more favorable. Enerson, on the other hand, will focus mainly on well logging and electromagnetic surveys, with a priority on Turkey and the Balkan countries. In Turkey, there are already many companies offering IP surveys, so Enerson will be concentrating on more advanced technologies.

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