Could you provide an overview of the range of mobile mining and fixed plant equipment that Hofmann Engineering designs and manufactures, as well as the company’s competitive advantages?

At Hofmann Engineering, we specialize in designing and manufacturing a range of mobile mining and fixed plant equipment. Our mobile mining equipment includes Electric Rope Shovels, Haul Trucks, Hydraulic Excavators, Rotary Blast Hole Drills, and Wheel Loaders. On the other hand, our fixed plant equipment includes HPGRs, Mill Gearing, Crushers, Stackers, Reclaimers, and Shiploaders. One of our key competitive advantages is that we are the first after-market non-OEM company to supply replacement HPGRs for changeouts for mining operations in Chile, Mexico, and Peru. By offering an alternative to OEMs, we have enabled these operations to reduce their production costs while achieving better performance.

Can you provide some examples of standout projects and clients that Hofmann Engineering has worked with in South America?

In South America, we have worked with various clients and delivered standout projects. We have seen great demand for our HPGR components, and our company has been the first after-market non-OEM company to supply replacement HPGRs for changeouts for Chilean, Mexican, and Peruvian mining operations. In SMCV in Peru, we have the best performance tires in operation, while in Chile, with Sierra Gorda, our HPGR rollers performed very well. Some of our regular customers in South America include Escondida, Collahuasi, Los Bronces, AMSA, and SPCC, to name a few. Additionally, our transmissions have an excellent reputation for long service performance, and our track pads for 7495 Shovels have a record performance in a copper mine exceeding 35,000 hours of operation, leading to many more business opportunities.

How do Hofmann Engineering’s solutions reduce downtime and operating costs through improved service life?

Our strategy for reducing downtime and operating costs is to provide product improvements for all our components. We continuously analyze the performance and failure mode of the OEM product and carry out investigations and engineering analyses to come up with better features to improve our products. This includes using better materials, better heat treatment, and state-of-the-art technology for fabrication and machining processes. Our aim is to produce the best components that can improve service life and reduce maintenance requirements and downtime for our customers. Additionally, we keep a stock of products on hand to quickly assist with service exchanges or repairs.

What is Hofmann Engineering’s strategy for growth in South America for the coming years?

We have an excellent and dedicated team of managers and skilled technical professionals in South America, and we expect to continue to diversify our product lines and expand our presence in the region. To achieve this, we plan to double the size of both our workshops in Chile and Peru and install selected machinery at both sites. Additionally, we plan to manufacture HGPRs locally in Chile and to diversify into new product areas such as truck final drive repairs and carry out structural repairs of heavy components, including stress relieving. By successfully assisting our customers, we have earned their trust, and we expect to receive more challenges and requirements, which will help us grow our business in the region.

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