Can you provide a brief history of ASPILSAN?

ASPILSAN was established in 1981 to manufacture cylindrical-type, rechargeable, portable Ni-Cd batteries for the need of Turkish Armed Forces (TAF). In 1984, we started making four types of batteries with the license of German Varta Company, and later began producing battery packs for radios as well as for other portable equipment as per the demand of the army. Another production line was set up in 1989 for the manufacture of Ni-Cd aircraft batteries and our technical and manufacturing capabilities have improved gradually since then. Today, all air vehicles in TAF are equipped with our batteries.

What sets ASPILSAN apart from its competitors in the battery market?

 ASPILSAN’s quality is what sets us apart from our rivals. An independent investigation of ASPILSAN’s customer satisfaction showed that 100% of our customers were satisfied with our products, an impressive testament to ASPILSAN’s high-quality offering. Although we face price pressures, we still deliver the best available quality and position ourselves roughly within the middle of the market in terms of price competitiveness.

How important is research and development (R&D) to ASPILSAN?

R&D is critical to ASPILSAN’s growth and success. We are currently working with various research institutes on two significant projects to develop a new battery, and we are partnering with several universities on this new and exciting research. Although we cannot discuss the full details of the projects due to security restrictions, we understand the importance of investing in R&D to remain competitive in the battery market.

What trends have you seen in the defense battery market?

One significant trend we have seen in the defense battery market is the increasing demand for lighter, smaller, and more technologically sophisticated batteries with larger energy storage capabilities. The military needs highly mobile batteries that can quickly charge and provide full power to military bases, especially in areas with little to no infrastructure. As such, companies like ASPILSAN need to innovate and develop new and improved batteries to reduce the logistical and physical burdens for the Armed Forces.

Where do you see ASPILSAN in the next five years?

Our goal is to become a one-stop-shop for large and small companies, serving the military’s complete energy needs from small batteries for radios to larger batteries for aircraft and power units. We are looking to invest in research for the development of high-capacity batteries with high energy density levels, using new and different chemical combinations to produce these effects. We are also improving our manufacturing capabilities and expect to receive the European Aviation Safety Agency certification shortly. This certification will allow us to serve the civil aviation market. Additionally, we are pursuing contracts in several different industries such as the medical industry, hoping to increase exports to Western markets. Within the next five years, we expect to be one of the largest players in the battery market, and ASPILSAN will be the first partner of choice for high-quality military and civilian batteries.

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