How does Modular Mining Systems structure its suite of products and services to add value for clients?

Modular Mining Systems’ suite of products, called IntelliMine, is based on four solutions: Mine Operation Management Systems (traditionally known as DISPATCH), High Precision Operations Systems (ProVision), Telemetry Systems, and Mine Alert. These solutions cover different areas and are considered the pillars of the company. Modular also offers support, consulting, and benchmarking services grouped under a different organization called Value Add.

What is the extent of Modular Mining Systems’ global presence, and why is Brazil strategically important for the company?

Modular Mining Systems is a global leader in the mining industry with over 240 clients worldwide. The company has a significant presence in North America, Africa, Australia, and Latin America. Brazil is strategically important for the company as Modular Mining Systems experienced a 55% growth rate in 2012, and the country has a high demand for mining solutions.

What were the main drivers behind Modular Mining Systems’ impressive growth rate in Brazil last year?

Modular Mining Systems’ 2012 growth rate in Brazil was stimulated by the launch of new safety-related products, including FatigueAlert and Fast Feedback. FatigueAlert is a fatigue management solution that has great applicability worldwide and can prevent accidents, while Fast Feedback allows mine workers to receive live feedback on their performance and helps prevent accidents and abusive use of machinery. Fast Feedback is especially valuable in countries with high labor demand, such as Africa and Latin America, where training time is limited.

Can Modular Mining Systems help its clients save money on their projects and if so, how much?

Yes, Modular Mining Systems can help its clients save a substantial amount on their projects. For instance, Vale’s Carajas Mine was able to achieve cost reductions of around 64% in 2011 and 30% in 2012 on corrective maintenance costs by using the MineCare telemetry system integrated with other Modular solutions. The MineCare solutions allow for predictive maintenance, allowing engineers to correct failures before they happen, resulting in full capacity operation and eliminating non-productive idle time. Additionally, Fast Feedback, a safety solution that detects defects or mistakes in operation, can improve efficiency by automatically sending messages to the operator. These solutions have already been implemented in Vale’s Carajas complex, among others.

What trends does Modular Mining Systems observe in the Brazilian mining market and how do they impact the company’s operations?

Modular Mining Systems is observing an increasing trend of companies seeking to improve and optimize their mining operations, even small ones can benefit from Modular’s range of products. In terms of the Brazilian mining market, there is a growing trend of optimizing and improving existing mining projects due to the difficulty of obtaining environmental licensing. Modular Mining Systems Brazil welcomes this trend as their array of products is aimed at increasing the productivity levels of mines. They have stand-alone products like ProVision, which can be integrated smoothly and efficiently into other fleet control systems.

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