Could you elaborate on the reasons behind building the Rexroth service center in Arequipa, which opened in November 2020?

Certainly. While we already had some sales representatives in the region, we recognized the need to push our service and repair activities in an important region for Peruvian mining. Previously, clients would have to send parts for repair to Lima, which was inconvenient and caused downtime. The new facility in Arequipa makes things more convenient for our clients and will allow for greater uptime.

Can you tell us about some of the new technologies Rexroth is developing in the area of energy saving?

Yes, Rexroth is currently developing sensors that measure the energy consumption of motors, for example. This data is then sent via the cloud to the workplace of the customer. We then work with the customer to develop an interface that serves their specific needs. This is similar to our conditioning monitoring technology, which allows us to follow up on industry key performance indicators such as temperature or vibration.

Looking ahead to 2022, where would you like to see the company?

We are very optimistic about the growth prospects for Rexroth in Peru in 2021, and the company is aiming for around 25% growth this year. Looking ahead, we expect the current market dynamics to continue growing at a high rate for the next few years, as the outlook for metals prices remains strong. Additionally, Peru has learned from the challenges of the past year and is now better prepared to deal with unexpected disruptions.

Why should a mining company choose Rexroth as a partner?

Mining companies should make a bet on technology and digitalization, which is a trend that is not going away. In this regard, Rexroth is a very strong partner with experience abroad, state-of-the-art technology, and a technically sound team. By partnering with Rexroth, mining companies can leverage our expertise to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

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