Can you tell us about the history of Technosteel and the services you provide to the market?

Technosteel was established in the early 2000s as a result of a contract to produce exploration rocks for Atlas Copco. Over the last decade, we diversified our business and created two other companies: Polimet and SafeDrill. Polimet specializes in the design and construction of conveyor belt equipment and components, while SafeDrill focuses on the development and manufacturing of equipment for exploration. Our main goal was to increase the safety of operators in exploration drilling, and we have made significant progress towards achieving a 100% hands-free solution for the entire cycle of rod feeding. In addition to this, we are also focused on reducing the area of the platform and have developed mud plants that can save up to 30% of water consumption on each platform.

Does Technosteel have any ongoing R&D projects?

Yes, we do. At SafeDrill, we have recently achieved inner tube handling, which brings us closer to our goal of achieving 100% hands-free operation in drilling. Technosteel is also working on a new shock absorber for the blasting and drilling process, which can be easily maintained and repaired on-site. At Polimet, we are developing a system where conveyor belt equipment can actively send information to an operator to eliminate manual and visual inspections.

Are there any other markets that Technosteel sees as an opportunity?

Yes, we are currently operating in Peru and are looking at expanding our business in Bolivia, Colombia, and Panama. We see potential in Bolivia’s mid-sized mining industry and are exploring opportunities in those markets.

What do you think are the biggest opportunities for your business, and where are you growing fastest today?

The biggest opportunities for our business are in automation and digitalization of mining processes. We believe that there is a need for tailor-made solutions for each exploration campaign and mining plant, and we are well-equipped to provide those solutions efficiently.

What objectives does Technosteel aim to achieve over the next 2-3 years?

Over the next 2-3 years, Technosteel aims to become a significant player in technology for automation and digitalization in our specific segments. We also aim to establish partnerships with global companies to become their local partner in the South American market. Our goal is for companies to look to us for customization of drilling platforms, rods, and conveyor belt equipment. Additionally, we are exploring the possibility of becoming an OEM for big brands in the rock drilling segment, drilling equipment segment, and with idlers and conveyor belts.

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