Could you discuss the main milestones achieved by Tecno Fast in 2021 and 2022?

Tecno Fast has been very active and has seen a lot of growth in all its business lines. We focused on completing the Quebrada Blanca 2 project, which is a major milestone for us. We also finished the camp and auxiliary infrastructure for Gold Fields’ Salares Norte project. Additionally, we are proud of our work at Rajo Inca, Codelco, where we are not only building and renting the camp but also operating it. This is a complete service that includes administration, maintenance, operation, and food and cleaning services. In Peru, we have had a successful collaboration with Yanacocha.

We have also been busy with our newest division, Tecno Fast Montajes, and have been working on the Quebrada Blanca project. Our rentals line of business for commercial and industrial renting has also seen a lot of activity, growth, and high utilization in Chile and Peru.

However, the most remarkable achievement of the year was the acquisition of Triumph Modular in Boston, USA, and then Alco Rental Services in Barcelona, Spain. Both companies specialize in renting modular infrastructure.

In an era of rising inflation, supply chain delays, and high logistics costs, how is Tecno Fast dealing with these challenges to maintain cost efficiency?

Fortunately, due to our increased activity, we have reached a point where we can negotiate by volume and anticipate purchases while increasing our inventory levels for greater certainty. There are three pillars to overcome supply chain challenges: anticipating, having a close relationship with suppliers, and working with volume.

What opportunities do you see for renewable energy projects?

Tecno Fast has been working closely with solar and wind power projects and sees many opportunities in this field. We have developed several camps with Enel, and collaboration with the renewable energy sector is crucial as it will enable mining to have access to lower energy costs and move towards greener copper.

Could you elaborate on Tecno Fast’s plan to become a carbon-neutral company?

We began our project to become carbon-neutral about three years ago. We converted our main plant in Santiago to one that is powered by solar panels, with 85% of the power we use in our plants now coming from solar. We have also implemented a huge process of automation and modernization with cutting-edge technology that improves our energy efficiency. Our goal is to make our plants and hotels self-sufficient in energy terms using power sources that would allow us to become carbon neutral.

What are the latest technologies being utilized by Tecno Fast?

We have incorporated cutting-edge technology into our factory, including automation of the entire fabrication process of modular structures. Two years ago, we incorporated German technology for wood construction, and we are now setting up an automation line for light steel structures. This has not only automated our production processes but also widened our catalogue of solutions. Historically, we delivered solutions in wood, but now we can deliver them in light steel as well. Automation improves productivity, accuracy in schedules and use of materials, and quality.

What opportunities do you see in Chile’s mining sector in the coming years?

We expect a lot of activity in the mining market in the coming years, including a camp for Collahuasi of around 6,000 beds and the Centinela project. From a business perspective, we see opportunities in delivering value-added products by not only delivering the camp but also managing, administering, operating it, and adding services. This is supported by the digitalization of our processes and the use of data.

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