With extensive experience in the Spanish real estate market, what makes Viva Sotheby’s International Realty unique in the luxury sector?

The real estate landscape encompasses various entities, ranging from independent agents to larger firms. Those opting for Viva Sotheby’s International Realty often value our expansive international network, spanning 1,000 countries for home marketing, and our commitment to exceptional service. Clients choose us for personalized guidance, spanning the island with profound knowledge and professional advice. Additionally, our multidisciplinary team, fluent in over 10 languages, sets us apart.

Leading the company for several years, what milestone do you aim to achieve next?

Our goal is twofold: fostering growth within our team and expanding our presence across Spain. We aim to position ourselves as the top real estate firm, not just in sales volume but also for our professionalism, quality, and honesty in customer service.

At Somium, you prioritize revolutionizing design. Could you elaborate on this revolutionary approach?

It’s about more than just the product; it’s about crafting an entire experience. Our journey commences with the individual’s relationship with their home. Understanding our process fosters a transformation in the client’s connection to their home and us. Collaboration and teamwork, somewhat unusual in construction, form the cornerstone of our approach.

What qualities make Monica Armani the ideal match for Somium’s Atelier?

Excellence and non-conformity align with our core values. Monica Armani’s esteemed international status in industrial design and her iconic collections for prestigious brands reflect this ethos. Our collaboration was born from a challenge to create a landmark project in Spain.

Why collaborate with each other in marketing Morning Breeze?

Alejandra grasped the essence of Morning Breeze instantly. Our shared values and her innate ability to discern value make her an ideal partner. Together with Viva Sotheby’s International Realty, they represent the best allies to showcase Morning Breeze and Somium’s brand.

Have you noticed shifts in the types of properties sought after in Spain?

Recent years have seen significant changes. The pandemic emphasized demand for homes with terraces, gardens, and adaptable, spacious rooms that merge relaxation and workspaces. Emphasizing sustainability in homes, a focal point for Somium, has become more critical than ever.

What trends in design should we anticipate in the future?

Houses are evolving into multifunctional entertainment spaces, focusing on architectural lighting. The role of lighting design extends beyond aesthetics, contributing to creating ambiance and inhabitants’ well-being.

What challenges do you foresee for the luxury real estate sector in the coming years?

The challenge lies in shifting the perception of luxury from being price/brand-focused to a concept embracing sustainable excellence in both housing and territory.

What advice would you offer to buyers eyeing luxury real estate in Spain?

Seek guidance from experts for optimal financial and emotional investments. Spain offers an exceptional lifestyle, and investing here requires professionals ensuring high-quality products and acquisition processes.

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