How has Çayeli Bakır managed to increase reserves at the Çayeli mine?

We have not explored a new ore body, but we have added more ore to our reserves by conducting diamond drilling in the current ore body. This has extended the life of our mine, which now goes until the end of 2022.

What is the status of Çayeli Bakır’s current exploration program in Turkey?

We have a new exploration program based on a new geophysical survey. If the results are positive, we will initiate a diamond drilling campaign.

What have been the key success points of Çayeli Bakır’s sustainability program, which led to receiving the Leadership Award for Sustainable Mining in 2015?

We have put a lot of effort into complying with numerous social, environmental, health, safety, and human rights standards. Our open-door policy at our External Relations office in Rize and our active engagement with stakeholders, capacity building at nearby communities, and cooperation with authorities have helped us earn trust among stakeholders. We have also implemented safety policies like the “Compulsory Stoppage of Hazardous Work” and “Life Saving Rules” to prevent incidents. We have achieved 587 lost time injury-free days because of our programs. Additionally, we have a “zero discharge” policy to minimize our footprint on the environment.

What should underground mining companies do to improve their safety record?

The management team’s commitment to safety is vital in ensuring a safe work environment. Mining companies should also pay attention to the correlation between good safety performance and productivity. There is a business case in investing in safety.

How will Çayeli Bakır manage the impact on the local community once the mine closes?

We are planning a smooth mine closure and want to leave a legacy by generating some socio-economic activity following the mine closure. We are engaging with local communities and employees to design a widely accepted project. The initial consensus is to transform our mine site into a tourism attraction, but we may revise the project in consultation with stakeholders.

What are Çayeli Bakır’s core objectives up until 2022?

Our core objectives are to continue our operations safely, remain a steward to the environment, and maintain good relations with stakeholders, particularly the communities. We want to uphold our positive reputation through high-quality social, environmental, and safety performance. Additionally, we want to transform our experience, expertise, and corporate culture into other operations in Turkey whenever possible. First Quantum Minerals is willing to invest more if further decent mining opportunities appear.

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