Can you provide us with an overview of MDP – Maxon Motor France’s recent history and performance in 2017?

In 2016, our global turnover was approximately US$450 million, and we aim to increase this to around US$530 million in the coming years. Our company is known as a multi-technology distributor for the medical devices and industrial markets in France. With a team of about 50 highly skilled employees, we had a turnover of around US$20 million in 2017. We also serve the aerospace industry by not only building individual motors, but also developing complete solutions for our customers. We are certified EN9100 by the European Association of Aerospace Industries for our project development and production.

How are industry-wide trends driving sales of your products?

In the aerospace industry, the objective is to consume less fuel by making aircraft lighter. We are the motor company of choice in this regard, as we lead the industry in creating motors that are both highly powerful and very small. Our motors are crucial in reducing the weight of aircraft. For instance, a commercial aircraft could have two or three motors per business/first-class seat, and with around 100 business seats per aircraft, even a reduction of 100 grams per motor can accumulate to a large weight saving over the entire aircraft.

How have recent innovations in the aerospace industry impacted MDP – Maxon Motor France’s R&D activities?

The shift towards electric aircraft has led to the replacement of hydraulic equipment with a combination of hydraulic and electric, or fully electric actuators. It is more cost-effective to switch from hydraulic to electric motors, as there is far less maintenance required for electric motors. With our expertise in producing about 4 million motors per year, MDP – Maxon Motor France is the ideal partner for aerospace companies to work with in making this transition. This trend has been an excellent opportunity for us to develop and implement brushless motor solutions, such as EC flat or frameless motors. Additionally, there has been an increase in the number of motors needed in the cockpit of aircraft due to the integration of Fly-by-Wire technology and haptic needs in the cockpit space. We have focused on marrying high-power density with a very small volume to develop motors that meet these requirements. Finally, we are also looking at developing specific motorizations for industrial UAV applications and propulsion systems suitable for safe usage within cities in the growing UAV market.

What is MDP – Maxon Motor France’s growth strategy for the coming years?

To meet the increasing demand for our services, we are currently recruiting to expand our engineering department. We want to be ready to take on more aerospace projects in the near future, which typically require a four to six year commitment. We also anticipate higher rates of production, increasing some of our product lines, while maintaining a high-quality standard. Furthermore, we aim to form collaborations with research institutes to develop more competitive mechatronic actuators for aviation, helicopter, and space applications. We will pay attention to emerging technologies such as 3D printing and plastic injection to remain at the forefront of innovation, as these technologies have the potential to create lighter, more fuel-efficient systems. We expect that in the coming years, more than 30% of MDP – Maxon Motor France’s revenue will be generated by the aerospace market.

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