What’s the primary focus of your firm?

Our main focus revolves around multifamily developments. We’ve engaged in various housing projects including market-rate, affordable, and workforce housing. About four years ago, we completed a condo project in St. Pete, and we’re currently involved in mixed-use endeavors such as the Orange Station in St. Pete’s Edge District. Urban deals, especially in Tampa Bay and St. Pete, are particularly appealing to us. Presently, we’re emphasizing multifamily homes in the heart of Tampa and St. Pete, preferring to concentrate on these core areas rather than branching out to more remote locations within Florida.

What are your thoughts on the Edge District?

The Edge District is incredibly thrilling. Looking back six or seven years ago, there wasn’t much happening there. However, today, there’s a vibrant scene with the new police station, restaurants, and bars. There are currently five new multifamily developments in the leasing phase. We’re contributing to this area’s growth by introducing 100,000 square feet of office space, 22,000 square feet of retail space, additional workforce apartments, a 600-space parking garage, and around 60 upscale condos. Recently, the city of St. Pete put out a request for proposals for the Tropicana Field site, drawing interest from developers nationwide. It’s intriguing to witness the involvement of significant players in this area, which seems to be evolving into the epicenter of St. Pete.

How are you preparing for the near term?

We’re maintaining full momentum. Our strategy for 2021 mirrors what we executed in 2020. While we had to make some adjustments due to the circumstances, we’ve been fortunate not to have been severely disrupted. It’s been a fortunate position for us to keep moving ahead with our ongoing projects and scouting for new opportunities. We anticipate a surprisingly positive economy in 2021. We’re genuinely enthusiastic about our markets; St. Pete and Tampa, in particular, strike us as hidden gems with strong potential.

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