Which solutions have been in high demand from Divemotor’s mining division recently?

Divemotor’s business model seeks to improve the management, efficiency, and cost control of vehicle equipment in all sectors, particularly the mining industry. After the quarantine period, there has been a high demand for these solutions as businesses aim to recover their pre-pandemic operating levels. Divemotor’s vehicles also guarantee 5% fuel savings through the application of new technologies, which is attractive to clients in the mining industry.

What are Divemotor’s main objectives in Peru’s mining industry for the next two years?

Divemotor’s growth strategy is focused on the mining sector. The mining industry has become increasingly aware of the importance of transportation solutions for their concentrate to the ports and the transportation of supplies needed to operate mines, such as lubricants and explosives. As a result, there has been strong growth in Divemotor’s vehicles for road transport, which incorporate innovative design and equipment solutions. Divemotor has also developed a specialized vehicle for rural areas, particularly in the southern mining corridor, where there is intensive use of vehicles to transport concentrate to the ports. Additionally, Divemotor plans to expand its support vehicles that operate within the mines themselves.

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