Can you please give us a brief overview of Damco’s presence in Ghana and West Africa?

Certainly. Damco first established its presence in Ghana back in 1997 and has since then established local offices in several other West African countries. As one of the key players in the global freight forwarding industry, Damco does not operate through agencies and is heavily involved in supply chain management. We offer turnkey solutions to our clients, which include services such as trucking and warehouse management, housing and accommodation services, and crew changes for the oil and gas industry in Ghana.

How important is the oil and gas industry for Damco’s operations in Ghana?

The oil and gas industry has become a critical part of our business in recent years, although it requires more specific and complex services than traditional logistics customers. As more oil reserves are discovered in neighboring countries such as Liberia and Sierra Leone, it has become increasingly important for us to coordinate our logistics activities within Ghana and West Africa. Our Head Office in Denmark is currently focused on expanding our logistical capabilities for the oil and gas sector.

What are the main services that Damco provides to the oil and gas industry?

Damco is required to manage and coordinate offshore crew members, provide housing facilities, solve any immigration issues, and obtain clearance for cargo destined for rigs. We offer open and closed-spaced warehouse facilities as well as agency services to oil and gas companies who require additional staff. A crucial service that Damco provides is reliable transportation to oil and gas companies through chartering by plane or ship or through our partner, who is a leading crane provider in the industry.

How reliable is Damco in terms of transportation and delivery time?

All of our customers expect good service, but the logistics involved in the oil industry are more complex, and delays can have huge financial impacts on companies. It is therefore vital that Damco selects reliable partners to collaborate with and chooses partners using our global standards. Our reputation in the oil and gas industry is that of a reliable company that is able to deliver on schedule.

What innovative solutions does Damco use in Ghana to remain competitive?

It is essential that our customers have access to as much information as possible. To this end, Damco has introduced a new application that is available on Blackberry and Android platforms. This allows our customers to track and trace their cargo, enabling them to plan and prepare in advance. This is a unique service that Damco offers, and it is one of our competitive advantages.

How does Damco insure cargo? What challenges do you face while transporting inland in Ghana?

Freight forwarding cargo is insured before it arrives in Ghana, in addition to local insurance. One of the challenges we face while transporting cargo in trucks is the issue of traffic and narrow roads in Ghana. However, our facilities are located close to the Takoradi port, which is where large oil companies such as Kosmos are based.

How competitive is the logistics market in Ghana, and what is the main challenge Damco faces in the oil and gas industry?

The logistics market in Ghana is quite competitive, with Savannah Logistics being one of our main competitors, in addition to Ghanaian-owned players in the market. However, Damco has several competitive advantages, such as our global network, the reliability of our services, and our ability to transfer experienced staff from other countries to different projects. The industry is still evolving in Ghana, which means that processes are constantly changing and still have room for improvement, which is an overall challenge for the industry.

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