Could you please share which of Epiroc’s technologies were in high demand in 2021 and also provide an example of an autonomous mining project that you have recently been involved in?

Our suite of digitalization and automated products has been in very high demand this year. Specifically, we have seen a lot of interest in the surface drilling market for both production and contour drilling. However, we are also experiencing growth in the autonomy side of things. One example of a recent project we have been involved in is the Los Bronces project with Anglo American, where we have automated Pit Vipers that can be operated from a distance. We are also venturing into the remote operation of various types of equipment, which is a departure from the historical approach of just operating one type of equipment.

Are there any particular features of Epiroc’s equipment that you would like to highlight?

At Epiroc, we are looking at remotely doing tasks, not just operating the machines. For instance, we are exploring cognitive reality, where we can advise technicians from a distance, and micro-adjustments to pumps and motors to keep people away from physically running the machines. In fact, just last week, I met with one of the operators who works on the autonomous fleet at Anglo American. I asked him what Epiroc could do to make his life better, and his response was simply “nothing.” It was an incredible answer for me because it meant that this young operator was content with his work life and knew that he could go home to his family safely.

What are your priorities at Epiroc Chile in the years ahead?

My main priority is to become even more customer-obsessed with Epiroc Chile. I believe that it is essential to help our customers create the solutions that they need, particularly during this era of change. Whether the change is related to politics, sustainability, or the supply chain, we need to be able to adapt and offer customized solutions. Additionally, I think that the era of siloed competition is behind us, and collaboration is vital. This includes collaborating not only with business partners but also with our competitors. Ultimately, by working together, we can deliver the solutions that the world and our customers need.

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