Can you provide an overview of Arya Noble Group’s activities and the role of Genero within its network?

Arya Noble Group consists of three companies in its healthcare arm: Pt. Erha Clinic Indonesia, Pt. Genero Pharmaceuticals, and Pt. Pharmacore Laboratories. Erha Clinic, established in 1999, pioneered a new approach to dermatology by combining beauty clinics and physicians practicing dermatology in hybrid clinics. Genero Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2000 to support Erha’s growth in the dermatology sector. It focuses on manufacturing and research and development (R&D). Pharmacore Laboratories, established later, specializes in sales and marketing of ethical products, expanding beyond dermatological solutions. Each company within Arya Noble Group has its own expertise and plays a distinct role.

What is the current focus of Genero Pharmaceuticals in the dermatology sector?

Genero Pharmaceuticals has evolved into Indonesia’s first independent Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) since 2010. This unique business model combines strong R&D capabilities with the capacity to manufacture customers’ brands. While there are CDMOs in other countries, Genero is the only GMP-certified CDMO in Indonesia. Many cosmetic CDMOs exist in Indonesia, but they lack GMP certification. On the other hand, most pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia are GMP certified but do not offer exclusive CDMO services. Genero fills this gap and has positioned itself as a leader in the market.

Can you provide more information about Genero’s manufacturing facilities and customer base?

Genero has two GMP-certified manufacturing facilities located in Cikarang, and there are plans to build another facility to accommodate forecasted business growth. Genero does not manufacture its own products but treats each customer equally. While a significant portion of operations is dedicated to producing Erha’s and Pharmacore’s products, the external customer base is expanding. Genero maintains excellence in quality standards and specializes in manufacturing semi-solid products, although it also has strong capabilities for liquid and solid products.

What are Genero’s activities in research and development (R&D) and the formulation process?

Genero primarily focuses on product development and formulation rather than research. However, R&D is identified as a strategic growth area. As a part of Arya Noble Group’s specialization in dermatology, Genero’s development efforts align with cosmeceutical solutions. Dr. Ronny Handoko, a leading dermatologist in Indonesia, leads the team responsible for pre-formulation, research, and development activities. Dermatology remains Genero’s competitive strength in product development.

What growth avenues has Genero identified apart from R&D?

Genero stands as Indonesia’s only full-fledged pharmaceutical CDMO, offering services that surpass traditional toll manufacturing. With the country’s lag in CDMO development and low labor costs, Genero sees opportunities to attract multinational companies and manufacture their products. In the next five years, Genero aims to become a regional player and attract global customers. To achieve this, they plan to allocate resources to research and enhance their human capital capabilities to handle further growth.

 What are your comments on Indonesia’s pharmaceutical industry and Genero’s role within it?

Genero believes in the importance of companies focusing on their core competencies to elevate the pharmaceutical industry and enhance business competitiveness. As Indonesia’s pharmaceutical industry moves in this direction, Genero, leveraging its core competencies, is well-positioned to contribute. The company understands how to specialize and plans to continue leveraging its expertise to support industry growth.

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