Can you provide an overview of ITM’s journey since its establishment nearly a decade ago?

ITM Africa was founded in 2011 as a training and personnel management company. Due to the high quality of our services, the demand quickly grew, leading to our expansion beyond the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to South Africa, Rwanda, Nigeria, Angola, Tanzania, and Germany since 2016. Although ITM still identifies as a training and management company, our services have expanded along with our geographical reach. Today, we offer a range of services including recruitment, payroll management, technical and leadership training, supply chain management, as well as sales and distribution solutions. We cater to both established companies and international entities seeking to enter challenging markets like the DRC. Our expansion into different countries was based on the specific needs of our clients. For instance, Angola possesses abundant mineral and oil resources but has faced educational challenges due to a prolonged civil war. ITM fills the role of bridging that educational gap. South Africa, on the other hand, strategically positions us in the heart of the African mining sector, with access to specialized skills. We leverage South African expertise for recruitment, training, and establishing partnerships with local training centers.

In which of your current operational countries do you see the most potential for growth?

At ITM, we perceive opportunities for growth wherever there are challenges to be addressed. While the DRC presents significant opportunities due to its complex financial, legal, and tax systems, each of our operational countries offers unique growth prospects based on the specific services required. Through experience, we have learned that tailoring solutions to both the client and the operating country is crucial for delivering the best possible service. It is not feasible to replicate a solution from one region to another; instead, a comprehensive study of each destination and situation is necessary.

The DRC’s mining code has recently been modified, emphasizing local hiring, but acquiring the right skills can be challenging. What is ITM’s approach?

ITM has developed an extensive database that allows us to source relevant skills when a client requires a specific skillset. We swiftly compile a list of suitable candidates based on precise profiling. Additionally, we provide necessary training, leveraging the expertise available at our South African office. Many of our employees are already certified in various specialties and sectors, and if required, we can collaborate with our partners to further strengthen our capabilities.

Over the past decade, Chinese influence has grown rapidly in Africa, highlighting the need to bridge the gap between the continents. Does ITM have Chinese speakers on its team?

We are actively working on enhancing our capabilities in that regard. However, bridging the gap goes beyond language translation; it also involves addressing cultural differences. Business conduct and practices among Chinese entities often differ from those in African countries. Thus, our aim is not only to have individuals who can translate but also to ensure that potential recruits or partners align with our quality standards.

What is your strategy in the DRC?

While ITM’s business extends beyond mining, we place significant emphasis on the mining sector, particularly the relationship between mining companies and local communities. Our goal is not only to assist clients in maximizing profitability and efficiency but also to empower local communities. We aim to transform mining operations into catalysts for developing self-sufficient and qualified professionals within the local population. This approach allows both the mining sector and the people of the DRC to grow in tandem. Furthermore, we identify opportunities in feasibility consultancy, as addressing design flaws remains a significant challenge for companies operating in the region.

Do you have a final message for our international readers?

At ITM, our ongoing objective is to continuously improve and optimize our business solutions in line with market demands across all the countries we operate in. We go beyond the norm by offering personalized, 24/7 service to our clients. We take pride in being a company that will respond promptly and attentively, even if a client calls us at five in the morning, rushing to the mine site to resolve any issues at hand. Our existing clients can testify to our commitment to building partner relationships rather than just having clients.

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