How has your business changed over the last year?

We’ve observed a notable shift in the designs and investment preferences brought in by outside executives relocating to the area. Their preferences in home styles and their willingness to invest substantially in a property differ significantly from the trends we’ve typically seen in this market.

How important is green building for your business?

Green building has been integral to our operations for quite some time. Back in 1994, we initiated a project called the Healthy House, one of the country’s initial green-built houses. Collaborating with entities like NASA, the American Lung Association, USDA, and NC State, we delved into what was then perceived as new technologies. The core principles of green building, focusing on energy efficiency, air and water quality, and sustainable landscaping, remain crucial elements in our house designs even today.

How do you manage the affordability and quality of construction given current cost issues?

While our focus is on upper-end custom homes where pricing might not be as critical as in affordable housing, value remains paramount for all clients. When clients outline their preferences, often the complexity and detailing lead to costs surpassing initial expectations. Our strength lies in guiding clients through the list of preferences, helping them discern where concessions can be made without compromising the essence of their dream home.

What is the main challenge for construction in Raleigh-Durham?

The primary challenge lies in the limited talent pool of experienced subcontractors and craftsmen with decades of expertise. Access to skilled labor remains a concern within the Raleigh-Durham construction landscape.

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